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Ch-22 : Detective. (Novel-Zero)

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In the dark night, at a deserted place, far away from the locality, a car stopped. A black figure in overcoat got down. In the chilling crisp cold, it stood near its car. The figure strolled around uneasily, waiting eagerly for somebody. It was checking its wristwatch in between. It stopped as it saw two headlights arriving at it. The headlight flash revealed its face; it was John. The other car arrived and stopped by him. John went to the door to receive the other tall figure getting down.

" Hi John" the figure greeted.

" Hi Alex" John greeted warmly in return.

" So ... Why did you summon me to this deserted place, at such a night hour"
Alex asked.

" Its emergency... you must be aware that one of our department associate is spying on us ... we suspect so ... In such a situation, I can’t trust any of them.. therefore I called you...” John said.

“ I see... the culprit needs to be found..” Alex.

“ I know ... there is no other detective suitable than you for such a delicate task” John praised him.

“ Once you allot the task... then its mine... you need not worry.. I will find the freak as soon as possible” Alex said confidently.

“ We don’t find any other way to reach the killer... let’s see this way we may reach the traitor as well as the killer”

“ Means using this weak thin thread we have to reach the heaven” Alex said humorously.

“ Not heaven... say hell”

“ You are right... its hell” Said Alex.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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