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English Literature - Black Hole CH-35 Suzan visits Stella

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Daniel and Suzan stood at Stella's door. Suzan rang the doorbell, and they waited to open it. Anticipating that it may take some time, Suzan turned and looked around the garden.

"The plants are dying." Suzan pointed out.

"Stella may not be able to look after... How can she look after when her own tree of life is completely collapsed" Daniel expressed his sympathy for her.

They were discussing when the door opened. Stella stood in the open door.
Stella forcefully smiled, as she was not expecting them. She attempted to make her clothes proper.

"Suzan, Daniel ... How are you? When did you come back?" Stella said in astonishment.

Stella and Suzan hugged each other.

Stella walked Suzan and Daniel in. As they met after such a long span, Suzan and Stella were chatting and laughing while coming in, holding each other's hands. When they reached the foyer and when she saw Jacob sitting on a sofa, Suzan took out her hand from Stella's. It seemed Suzan did not like his presence. Jacob fumbled trying to hide his expressions and trying make his messed clothes and hair proper.

He got up and came forward to greet Suzan and Daniel, "Hello, Suzan "

Suzan ignored him. Jacob shook hand with Daniel, resting other hand on his shoulder.

"Hi Daniel, How was the honeymoon?" Jacob said, trying to generate a fake smile.

"Fine! Just fantastic!" Daniel said, stealing a look at Suzan.

He expected that Suzan would blush with his comment, but she just ignored.
Without further conversation Suzan headed in.

"Stella, we are in" she said, rudely.

Daniel followed her for the other room, leaving behind Stella and Jacob in the foyer.


Original Novel by - Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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