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Fiction Library - Novel - Elove-CH-32 Outside the cyber cafe

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Fiction Library - Novel - Elove-CH-32 Outside the cyber cafe

While going out of the Cyber cafe, following the man, Clouds of thoughts crowed in Vivek's mind.
She had mailed to forget the things happened in between them...
Then how come she ran away? ..
Probably her relatives would have pressurized her..
Therefore she would have mailed me so...
By this time, following the man, Vivek reached outside the cyber cafe. Outside, it was dark everywhere. In the dark, in one corner a car was standing, with all dark window glasses pulled down.
Anjuali might have come in this car...
As the man was approaching the car, Vivek also followed him. As they reached the car, he realized that the back door of the car was open.
She must be waiting for me, keeping the door open..
As he reached close, he peeked in through the open back door.
But what is this?...
Suddenly a black grotesque figure came from his behind and covered his nose with chloroform handkerchief in his strong hand. The black figure pushed him in the car. As he was defending, the black figure forcefully stuffed him in. The car door closed and the car drove off with its full speed. Vivek was realized that he has been tricked, but it was too late now. He realized that he is loosing his consciousness.

The man, who had leaded him to the car, removed money from his pocket and left the place while counting it.

Vivek was lying unconscious on a bed. Slowly he was gaining consciousness. As he came to his full consciousness, he found that he was at some unknown place. Quickly he sat up and looked around. Alex and his two associates were sitting in front of him. They were in black costume; even their faces were covered with black cloth. Vivek tried to stand up, when he understood that his legs and hands were tied up. In the same condition he again tried to stand up forcefully and said in agitated voice, " Who are you... Where did you bring me?"
"Don't worry... you will be properly taken care of here... We brought you here according to Anjali's relative’s instructions ... That way they are very nice people... generally don't involve in such things... but this time there was no other alternative for them.... Still they have informed us to take care of you and not to hurt you..."
Alex started to go, when Vivek cried,
“Release me.. Why are you holding me?”
Alex abruptly stopped, warned Vivek, putting one finger on his lips,
" Quit... don't make much noise..."
Then looking at his two associates, he instructed , " Hey... you both of you... keep an eye on him"
Again he looked at Vivek and said, " And you Romeo... Don't try to blink... otherwise we will cut you in pieces; nobody will be able to count ... And beware... Anjali's relatives might be nice people... but we aren't "
Alex followed by his two associates, went outside the room. They locked the room from outside. Alex handed over the key to one of those two, instructed him, and left immediately.

... contd..


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