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English Fiction books library - Elove : ch-43 Let's Go

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English Fiction books library - Elove : ch-43 Let's Go

Early in the morning, after coming to office, Anjali was busy with her day to day work, when Sharwari entered the cabin.
" When is the contest starting... tomorrow.. is it?" Anjali asked.
" Yes" Sharwari answered, while searching some file from the bunch.
" How many applicants are there?" Anjali asked.
“Around three thousand" Sharwari answered.
" My God... to find the blackmailer among these many people... is like to dig a hill to find a mouse... and that too .. if he had participated... isn't it?" Anjali said.
" Yes .. it's not that easy" Sharwari said, sitting in front of Anjali, carrying a file, which she had located.
Anjali was attending her, when the phone rang. Anjali attended it,
" Anjali... Inspector Kawaljeet here" Voice came from other side.
" Morning Uncle.."
" Morning... You must be aware that around 3122 applicants have applied for the contest... we had sorted the applicants which are left-handed... they are around 32... one of the applicant's hand writing is matching, among those 32... He is someone named Atul Vishwas..." Inspector provided the information from other side.
" Good Very Good... " Anjali couldn't stop to be happy, " Thank you uncle.. I really don't know how to return your favors....." Anjali was speaking.
" It's too early to thank and celebrate y... it's just the starting... to catch him lawfully we need to take more efforts... and that's the most difficult part ... you know.. as soon as we get sufficient proofs against him, we can arrest him.." Inspector said.
" Why?... Can't we catch him right away?" Anjali asked, in disappointment.
" No... not now... Listen... Now we have started to tap his phone... so that if there are more culprits involved, other than him.. we can catch them all at once... and as soon as we get all the proofs against him, we will catch him..." Inspector said.
Anjali's excitement to catch him and taught him the lesson was taken over by disappointment.
But no...
I can do something..
I can communicate this news to Vivek...
He would be so happy...
She picked up the phone and started to dial a number.

One of the associates was sitting across Inspector Kawaljeet in his office.
" Sir we have taped all the phones of that chap... one of these seems to be important..." He said, playing the recorder.
Tape recorder started and the message recorded played ,
" Alex... it will take 7-8 days to come back to you... take care of the money.. when I will come back we will distribute and share it between us..." It was Atul's voice.
" OK..." it was Alex's voice.
" And yes.. format our computer completely... see that no traces remain back.. "
" OK ... don't worry about here"
" Ok then bye"
" Bye"
Inspector rewound the tape and played the conversation again. As the conversation finished, he stood up in resolutely,
" Let's go"
Though Inspector spoke only these two words, they were sufficient for his associates to follow him. Inspector was leading and his associates were following him.

... contd..


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