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English fiction literature - ELove : Ch-41 Same mistake again?

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English fiction literature - ELove : Ch-41 Same mistake again?

Since when Anjali and Vivek met they locked themselves inside the bedroom, lying cuddled each other on the bed. They were in their own world, far away from the outside world.
" What did you think when you got his first mail?" Vivek asked,
" To be true ... I felt like as if the ground slept from my feet... When I accepted you from the bottom of my heart and in such state of mind I never expected such a thing..." Anjali said.
" That means... you accepted it as a truth ..." Vivek asked teasing her.
" I mean.. though my heart was not accepting but the circumstances were indicating to the same thing.." Anjali said, trying to defend herself.
" And what did you think?" Anjali asked.
" No.. you are right... I also thought somewhere on the same lines... though the heart didn't accept, the circumstances were indicating to the same fact" Vivek said, patting her.
" I wish such circumstances never come again in our life" Anjali said.
" Yes... you are right.. I also wish so" Vivek said, kissing her on her forehead.
He kissed her on her forehead and brought his mouth to her lips, and stopped, taking long breaths. And then they engaged into a long lasting passionate kiss. Suddenly Anjali remembered the past incident of making love in the hotel, and she also felt that some body is photographing them. She suddenly averted away, retracting her lips from his.
" What's wrong?" Vivek asked.
" Are we doing the same mistake again?" Anjali asked, as if to self.
" What does it mean?" Vivek asked.
" All this.. and that too before marriage.. What you must be thinking about me? " Anjali asked the another question going on her mind.
" Don't be silly" He said, taking the lead.
But her body and limbs were cold. She was not responding.
" If you think it that way... and if you are not ready mentally... then it's ok.." He said, getting up, moving away from her.
" No.. not that way honey... don't misunderstand me" She said, again pulling him close.
He again tried to get up, but she was not ready to leave him. Vivek was confused and was not sure how to react to it. He just kept lying motionless. But now there was something, which was entered into Anjali's body. She pushed him flat on the bed and climbed on him, and started to kiss him, all over his body. And then when the rift formed in them dissolved and when they again started to make love they didn't realize.

May be he was in some bad dream...
When she tried to caress him, moving her hand over his face, he got up startled and said with anger, " I am not going to leave you... I am not going to leave you"
Angali was shocked, but then she realized that probably still he is in dream. For some time Anjali was confused.
"What's wrong?" Anjali asked.
But within few seconds, his anger seemed to fled away. He looked around, " Nothing", He said, again lied down and slept.

.. .contd..


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