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English fiction Literature - ELove : ch-48 Billions loss

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English fiction Literature - ELove : ch-48 Billions loss

Company's Managing Director Bhatiaji, Inspector Kawaljeet and Anjali were still staring at the monitor. The same message was blinking on it - ' All the server data and computer Data has been deleted. To recover enter the password '. But the time shown on the counter was ' - 0 hrs... 20mins... 20secs. The hour's place showing zero created uneasiness and fear on everybody's face.
" Now only 20 minutes are remaining... Why didn't he phone still?" Anjali said
Though she was not showing openly, she was more worried about Vivek than the company's existence. Inspector Anjali tried to console her, placing his assuring hand over her shoulder, " Be patient... he would phone shortly"
"But if he didn't phone.. what about our company?" Bhatiaji spoke up uneasily.
His question was expressing his worry than a query, therefore nobody bothered to answer it. And though anybody wanted to answer, what he would answer when all of them were waiting anxiously for the mobile to ring. Everybody turned their heads when 4-5 company's employee came there.
" Is it over... did you take up the backup" Bhatiaji asked them impatiently.
" No sir, ... he wrote the program in such a way that the whole networks traffic is jammed" One of them spoke.
" This bloody computers are equally harmful at times." Bhatiaji said in irritation.
Bhatiaji's annoyance was reasonable, because their clients millions were trapped in the network in the form of software, and if the complete data is deleted millions were going to be wasted. It was not the case that the company was not able to develop those software again, but the time and the money went into those software development was going to be wasted. And since the delivery of the products would going be delayed, it would going to cost the reputation of the company. Inspector wished to console Mr. Bhatia also but he could not collect the courage to do so, for he was also doubtful about Atul calling them.
“ Can somebody try on the mobile” One of the Bhatiaji’s closer employee suggested.
“ I am trying continuously... but it seems to be switched off” Anjali said.

Atul was driving the vehicle and Vivek was sitting next to him. They were quiet since long. Atul was taking snaky turns and Vivek was trying to understand the destination he was intended to go. Initially Atul asked Vivek about the pathway, twice or thrice, but when he realized that he is equally unaware, he stopped asking him. May be he would have checked about his knowledge about the area and it was good for him that Vivek didn’t know the area. Suddenly Atul turned his vehicle from the main road to the alley.
“ Where are we going... We may not get mobile signal from such a uninhabited area” Vivek objected.
Atul just smiled weirdly. After taking quite a sufficient number of turns, suddenly Atul stopped the vehicle and got down the vehicle. Vivek also got down and went to the dicky directly. He opened the dicky, removed the mobile and checked putting it on.
Looking at the screen he said, “ Thank God... we are still in the accessible area”
Atul also joined him.
“ So... now tell the password” Vivek said handing him over the mobile.
“ What’s the hurry” Atul said, shrugging carelessly.
“ No... we have 10 minutes only”
Atul was quite annoyed, but he was trying to be as calm as possible, for he knew it was going to work with calmness.
“ 10 minutes are far more for computers... for your knowledge... computer count its time in nanoseconds” Atul said.
Vivek was least interested to learn the computer knowledge from him, at least at this time, so he got more irritated.
“ It may be far more for computer ... not for me” Vivek said, this time failing to control his annoyance.
“ Yes... that’s true” Atul said, going closer to him.

... contd..


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