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English online book – Novel – Honey- Ch. 37 – Has she become angry?

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A week passed since the happening. Ganesh tried to avoid Madhurani as much as possible. Sometimes if the two happened to come face to face he had no courage to look into her eyes. One day suddenly his eyes met hers. He saw that she was looking at him in anger with sulking puffed cheeks.

Has she really become angry?

If she is angry, angry over what?

Over the way I behaved that day or is it because I am avoiding her now.

There was no way to know.

Ganesh began to feel guilty.

He felt that he had unnecessarily behaved that way.

But she too had encouraged him all along…

Poor widow…

She would be getting confused controlling her emotions.

Whatever it is, at least at the end she was able to control her feelings.

Ganesh tried to gather his courage.

But how to apologise in front of everyone?...

What would people think?...

And if she says something harsh…

I would be put to shame…

I will have to wait for another opportunity in privacy to ask her pardon…

Otherwise, if I go and beg her pardon in privacy would she again misunderstand me….

A thief was not caught while stealing but he was caught when he tried to place back the stolen goods.. such would become my condition.

Whatever it is, I must beg her pardon once and close the chapter.

That morning Ganesh woke up a little late. That too because of some noise of a commotion outside. Hearing those sounds Ganesh got up. While getting up he peeped out of the window. The sun was already shining bright. Then he looked into his wrist watch.

My God, it was ten in the morning.

Someone must have got drunk right in the morning and must be blabbering…

Was it Sada…

But his time is always in the evenings…

But no, this seems like a different kind of a sound.

Has the issue of the dumb boy and dumb girl again raised its head?...

The thought crossed his mind. Hurriedly he got dressed and was about to step out. Pausing a moment he felt that it would be better for him to brush his teeth and wash his face before stepping out. Through the window he saw some people running in the direction from where the sounds were coming.

But let it be… he can brush his teeth later on…

The matter seems to be serious.

Hurriedly he stepped out. He bolted the door and without locking the room he hurried in the direction of the sound.

(to be contd..)


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