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Novel – Honey - Ch. 49 – Lost His Sleep

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That night Ganesh lost his sleep. Turning and tossing he changed sides. On one hand Madhurani’s soft touch had revoked earlier memories and on the other he recollected Madhurani’s doings and the talk between them that he had seen from the slightly opened door.

Did it mean that something was cooking between Madhukarrao and Madhurani?..…

Or was she merely playing as she had done with him?....

Perhaps she may have to do these things to survive in politics.

She may not have any love for Madhukarrao….

But they spoke something mysterious about Patil…

He began to recollect every bit of their talk….

“Patil’s demands are crossing limits now days…” Madhurani said to Madhukarrao.

“Perhaps he has come to know about us…” Madhukarrao said laughing and winking.

‘About us’ meant that something was going on between them.

“Let him learn… I am not afraid of him… Am I his paid keep… You must do something about him quickly otherwise he would become a headache for us..”

Was she also carrying on with Patil?.... no, it may be something that Madhurani…

Perhaps before Madhukarrao…

“Don’t worry about it… I have already made arrangements…”

“The issue has gone from bad to worse… something has to be done in a day or two…”

“Why a day or two… he will not see tomorrow’s sunrise…

“Is he going to murder Patil?…

No, certainly not. .. Whatever Madhurani may be like she will never stoop to this level…

And then he began to recollect their conversation,

“Ganesh… come here and sit…”

Madhurani might have used him in some way or the other but she certainly must be have some feeling for him…

Or does she want to trap me in her web…..

But what would she now gain by trapping me in her web…

I am also no more young…

So what?… does love have a age limit …

And what if age has increased…

Even she has grown in age….

“Nowadays it is not like before… my health is not permitting it” does this sentence reflect Madhurani’s helplessness….

In her situation she necessarily needs someone close…

Is she searching him in me?...

“Just see my pulse…” Madhurani’s request echoed in his ears and his body tingled with excitement.

Truly even today her hand…

Had the same silky touch..,,

“Keep coming….now and then… just to remind me of the bygone days…” Ganeshrao recollected her parting words….

Did she try to send him a message through this…

She must certainly have otherwise why she would have spoken to him with such closeness…

Then who was that intruder Madhukarrao…

He too was playing with her…

And Madhurani was encouraging him…

Perhaps he must be in love with her body…

Or she must be entrapping him for some political gain…

But her love for me seems true…

In this world of deceit ultimately one does need untainted love.

Turning and tossing Ganeshrao did not know when the dawn broke.

His wife had got up and the sounds of her working had begun. As such it was no more possible for him to sleep. He got up from his bed and began pacing in the room. A knock at the door and he stopped pacing within the room and came to the front room. There his son Vinya, with half opened mouth, was sleeping soundly. Looking bitterly at him Ganeshrao opened the front dooe. There was the day’s newspaper at the door. Ganeshrao picked up the paper and shutting the front door came inside.

He saw the headline in the newspaper and was stunned.

“Sampatrao Patil… dies in an accident.” He had seen him just the day before at Madhurani’s.

Suddenly Ganesh remembered that some argument had taken place between him and Madhurani.

Then he began to recollect the talk between Madhurani and Madhukarrao who had come to her.

“Patil’s demands are crossing limits now days…”

“Perhaps he has come to know about us…”

“Let him learn… I am not afraid of him… Am I his paid keep… You must do something about him quickly otherwise he would be a headache for us..”

“Don’t worry about it… I have already made arrangements…”

“The issue has gone from bad to worse… something has to be done in a day or two…”

“Why a day or two… he will not see tomorrow’s sunrise…”

Ganeshrao recollected this exchange..its word to word hammering in his ears.

My Goodness!... Did Madhukarrao really got rid of Patil’s thorn?

Or was it a mere coincidence.

No, it cannot be a coincidence…

Wasn’t that why Madhurani was behaving so affectionately with him.

She must be sure that he must have heard them.

Ganeshrao sprang and sat on the cot. His head was reeling with thoughts as all puzzles began to get solved in his mind.

He began to remember Madhurani’s past.

Her husband had died in an accident caused by Patil.

Possibly Madhurani herself had removed him through Patil.

Then, making use of Patil Madhurani had fulfilled her other political ambitions.

Then, finding him to becoming unbearable, she removed Patil through Madhukarrao…..

Means her husband, Patil and now Madhukarrao were all Madhurani’s male bees…

Yes, male bees indeed…. Just as the Queen Bee killed the male bee after copulating, she had killed her husband and Patil…. Now possibly it would also be the turn of Madhukarrao.

And this is known only to me….

At least about the second murder…

I have heard their entire conversation….

Should he report to the police?...

But who will believe his hearsay evidence?...

And Madhurani is no more the earlier simpleton…

Wasn’t confronting her like committing suicide?...

Ganeshrao was reading again and again the news published in the newspaper.

“At about seven in the evening, after finishing an important meeting in Madhurani Savant’s bungalow, Sampatrao Patil left for his village. While on the way, around eight at night, he stopped at a road-side dhaba. There he had drinks and meals. During the next stage of his journey, perhaps because of his drink, his vehicle must have dashed against a heavy truck coming fast from the opposite direction. The owner of the heavy truck took his vehicle and ran away. Police are seriously looking out for the vehicle and its driver. In the accident Sampatrao Patil was killed on the spot…”Ganeshrao once again fell to thinking.

Surely this was a major plot.

Ganeshrao’s head became numb thinking all kinds of thoughts.

(to be contd.)

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode

English Version by Anil Ekbote


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