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Online literature – Honey - Ch. 45 – Her Web

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The whole night he was restless as waves of thoughts surged in him. Ganesh felt like throttling and killing her. Or else, he should shout until his throat went dry and tell the entire village what had happened to him.

But if he were to start shouting…

There could be several others who would join him in the shouting…

But, to begin with, does he have the courage to tell people what had happened with him?...

And, moreover, what was the use of telling everyone? …

He would become a laughing stock….

Then should he keep his mouth shut…

Wasn’t there an alternative?....

Or should he try to explain and make her understand…

That, hey woman.. don’t do like this..

She is well experienced in such matters…

Would she listen to him?...

She’ll call him stupid.

A woman who could join hands with the man who had killed her husband…

Such woman can go to any extent…

He should have understood her long back….

Ganesh thought it enough. He should not think more. Otherwise he would go mad. His head had begun to spin and was pulsating hard. But they were all thoughts. They did not seek his permission before coming. Nor did they before going away.

Maybe that was why they were called thoughts.

It was two days. Ganesh could not concentrate on anything. For two days he almost shut himself in his room. For two days he did not shave nor did he take a bath. Stubs of his two-day old beard had sprouted. He was totally disillusioned. Now he was able to realise what happened when a man became a ‘Majnu’ , a hurt lover. He picked his note book. He was inspired to write shayari, couplets. He wrote two lines….

Vow....what beautiful lines…

But what’s this… these seem to be from some film song…

Yes, it was true… it was from some old film song.

Had this song been not written earlier for a film, the great work would have been done through him…. He thought so. Then he began to pen other lines. He wrote a couple of lines and struck them off. They also resembled some film song or the other.

Soncha tha ji lenge tere pyar ke sahare

Lekin ab hum pyar mein hare

To ji lenge nafrat ke hi sahare

Marenge nahin ji lenge.

Chhodenge sub lekin

Jina nahin chhodenge.

He went on scribbling. Perhaps words did not lend him proper support. But feelings had got into them. He felt a little relieved. He was happy that he could write shayari. Perhaps a man looks for happiness even in sorrow.

Those two days were Saturday and Sunday. As such no one paid any attention to Ganesh. Perhaps many must have thought that he must have gone to his home in the taluka. Ganesh did not even go towards his office. As such Sarpanch came to him.

“What Ganeshrao… it seems you did not attend office today… your health is alright, isn’t it?..”

“Yes.. but.. I am feeling rather weak.” “have you got fever…” Sarpanch slapped his back and said trying to measure his fever with plain hands.

“No there is no fever… it is many days since you have met your family… maybe it is because of this…” Sarpanch commented smiling to himself.

“Umm... not exactly like that…” Ganesh said.

Sarpanch had given him a good idea of going home.

It would also be a change of scene.

How long could he lie like this alone…

Then the village Master, Doctor and several others came and met him. But Madhurani did not come. Even after all this Ganesh was eagerly looking forward to Madhurani’s visit.

Her impish looks…

Sweet smile…

And the soft touch that soothed him.

No, all this must end now.

Ganesh decided that he would snap all ties with Madhurani. This was the only course now left open.

That way, what were his relations to be with her?...

It was the web woven by his mind’s spider.

The spider spins a web to trap others. Here he himself had got trapped in the web.

This was the only difference…

But no, the matter was still not beyond control.

He should control himself.

Ganesh got up with firm determination and began to stuff his bag to go to his home in the taluka.

But what was this?..

He had no interest in doing anything…

He aught to have felt energetic when he was going home to meet his wife.

Maybe, this was because he had got over involved in Madhurani….

But any way now he had decided…

The chapter of Madhurani is closed.

It must be closed for ever.

(to be contd..)

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode

English Version by Anil Ekbote


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