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Priya, who had vanished from the scene angrily, soon brought with her three cups of tea for all of them. Now there was no anger apparent on her face. She kept one cup of tea each in front of them, but they knew it well, that usually she would personally give each cup into their hands. Instead, she had just kept it today in front of them. Then holding her own cup in her hands, she started sipping the tea slowly with continuing the studies further. Rajesh and Vijay glanced at each other. Vijay was feeling sorry for unnecessarily hurting her.

‘Yes! Do you know what is it called to that you were saying before going for tea?’, Vijay asked her. Frankly speaking he was only trying to restore her normal mood by talking with her again.

‘Before going for tea, what was I saying?’, Priya suddenly asked unknowingly.

‘That’s what, that you get to see me in your front every now and then or throughout day and night!’, Vijay explained.

‘I was only joking. Does anything like this happen ever?’, Priya remarked, ‘I was bored of studying so I just thought it better to change the topic for initiating some relaxation and entertainment! Isn’t it Rajesh?. Wasn’t it a good relaxation and entertainment!’.

Rajesh did not utter a word because he could understand how deeply Priya must have felt hurt which was why she was casually turning the leaf of any discussion to that topic away. Finding that Rajesh was keeping quiet, Priya once again got engrossed with her reading or, at least, started pretending the same.

‘Anyway, that apart!’, Vijay now turned his attention to Rajesh, ‘I will tell you what I was about to say!’.

But from the corners of his eyes he was carefully attentive of Priya.

‘What are you going to tell me now?’, Rajesh was reluctant to hear because he was hesitant to insert his hand in the ‘Cold War’ between Vijay and Priya to avoid inviting the wrath of any one of them since he had had his fingers burnt several times before by doing that which is why he was alert about it now.

‘Please! I am studying now! Don’t disturb me with your casual talks!’, Priya intervened.

‘How nice of you! Last time did we utter a word against you when you were chatting with us after feeling bored?’, Vijay angrily asked her.
Priya continued delving in her book and studies by ignoring Vijay’s angry assertion forcing Vijay to continue saying, ‘and now you are feeling disturbed by our talks. It is our turn now to feel bored and hence we are going to change the topic’. Vijay sarcastically stressed the mention of his phrase, ‘change the topic’.

‘We are going to change the topic?’, Rajesh pinched, ‘If you both want to continue quarrelling you both may very well continue with it. But don’t unnecessarily pull me in between’. It is often said that a wise is the one who doesn’t interfere in a street-quarrel or between the dispute going on among a husband and wife’.

‘What?’, both Vijay and Priya startlingly asked.

‘No! What I meant is that I was only comparing dispute between you both with a street-quarrel!’, Rajesh quickly sought to clarify himself.

‘That is what even I say, how could you dare to pass such a nasty remark!’, Vijay reacted.

‘But why did you not ask one should not interfere in a street-quarrel and also in a dispute between husband and wife?’, Rajesh asked.

‘Why should one not interfere?’, Priya curiously asked.

‘First I will tell you about the dispute between husband and wife!. One should not try to reconcile between a husband and a wife is that there is never any guarantee when both of them may shake hands and start quarreling with you itself’, Rajesh explained.

‘And why should one not interfere between a street-quarrel!’, Vijay curiously asked.

‘One should never interfere in a street-quarrel because’, Rajesh quietly got up from his chair and started moving toward the door and before running away, he cunningly replied, ‘you never know when the parties involved in a street-quarrel appear out to be a husband and wife!’.

Realizing that Rajesh has again pointed out the whole story back to the phrase ‘husband and wife’ and thereby sought to pair them up again, Vijay angrily shouted, ‘You bloody scoundrel’ and ran after Rajesh.

As soon as Vijay got up to catch him, Rajesh quickly ran away from the door he had intentionally opened carefully before passing that mischievous remark but Vijay also started running after him to catch him outside. Now even Priya was induced to come out of the house and watch, for a long time, their running episode full of fun where Vijay was vigorously attempting to get hold of Rajesh and Rajesh in turn was trying to repeatedly dodge Vijay.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Girish Katre (


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