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Date? - Chapter 27 – Novel - Illusion

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Vijay and Nayana were watching the movie and Nayana realized that Vijay’s popcorns were finished.

‘Finished?,……So quickly?’, Nayana whispered to Vijay, ‘Look here! I have not yet eaten even a single piece!’.

‘You know, I am so quick in eating!’, Vijay replied, ‘And the men’s speed of eating is always more than the women’s speed of eating. It is the women alone who waste their more time in eating!’.

‘It is the speed of your eating that reflects your state of mind and your nature!’, Nayana replied.

‘Is it?. Then why don’t you tell me something about my nature and also about the state of my mind just now?’, Vijay asked her.

‘You seem to be……..confused!’, Nayana replied.

‘Fine! Then how is the nature of the people who eat at a lesser speed?’, Vijay curiously asked.

‘Such people are very strong mentally and they do not usually get depressed even amid negative circumstances. They are always very crystal clear and never confused about anything!’, Nayana remarked.

‘Oh! I see!’, Vijay replied.

Holding her popcorn in front of him she said, “ But remember .. when you are with some lady … these are not good manners”

“ Who cares...” Vijay said shrugging his shoulders.

‘That’s also true……..When you will be in love with somebody……You will care……or to put it the other way to say it……When you care for somebody……Probably you are in love with her!’, Nayana said seriously.

‘Love?.......No chance!’, Vijay remarked again.

‘Let us see!’, Nayana argued.

For some time they again lost in the movie.

‘Once myself and my cousin sister had gone to watch a horror movie’, Nayana continued he Rajesh thoughts with the same thread, ‘her speed of eating would increase with every horror scene appearing on screen such that throughout the film she finished five packs of popcorns!’.

‘You know it proves something!’, Vijay replied.

‘What can it prove?’, Nayana asked.

‘That you are too slow……..rather dead slow’, Vijay replied.

‘Is it?’, Nayana replied mischievously and pulled away her popcorn pack from in front of Vijay.

Vijay only smiled at her after hearing this remark.

Again a lot of time was spent between themselves. Vijay seemed to be intensely watching the movie in front of him and appeared to like the story of the film. While watching the movie he sensed as though his shoulder was heavy and he looked at his side to discover that Nayana was fast asleep with her head rested on his left shoulder. Vijay softly glanced at her and how innocent and loving her face was looking.

After the movie was over, Vijay and Nayana were coming out of the cinema theatre amid the crowd of the people coming out of there. While walking through the crowd, Vijay glanced at Nayana’s face and she was still looking fresh and attractive, probably because she had woken up from an intense sleep just recently.

‘Indeed, there must not be any other better break than this one!’, Vijay said to Nayana.

Nayana just smiled at him.

‘No! I am only talking about the idea of sleeping in a cinema hall under the pretext of watching a movie!’, Vijay mischievously said to her.

Nayana patted on his arm and said, ‘What is so wrong about me sleeping after feeling necessary to sleep even after coming into a cinema hall?. I don’t agree with the notion that one should restrain oneself from sleeping just because one has paid for watching a film. We just came here for a short break and a little enjoyment and that’s it!’.

‘You seem to be very clear about everything!’, Vijay remarked.

‘Of course Yes!, not only just clear but I am in fact crystal clear!’, Nayana replied, ‘And I like to be that way about everything in life!’.

‘Then how do you find me?’, Vijay suddenly asked.

‘What exactly about are you asking?’, Nayana was startled to hear that.

‘What I mean is that whether you find me a man of clarity or confusion?’, Vijay explained himself.

‘Oh! You are asking about your attitude? I have already told you that!’, Nayana replied.

‘What is that?’, Vijay sought to know.

‘You seem to be a bit confused!. Am I right?’, Nayana replied.

‘How can I say that? That too about myself!. Now that you are saying it so confidently then it must be true!’, Vijay replied.

‘No! You should have your own conviction. That is also one symptom of being confused. Just because somebody says does not necessarily mean that it must be true!’, Nayana replied with conviction.

‘Really! It is really true that one cannot win an argument with you!’, Vijay remarked.

‘Is it?’, Nayana asked.

‘For the first time in life I am confronting somebody such with whom I am unable to win an argument!’, Vijay remarked.

‘Sometimes we come across some such individual with whom we like to get defeated. Is it happening anything that way?’, Nayana asked.

‘What do you mean?’, Vijay asked.

‘I mean in this world, you come across two types of individuals. The first are such who you like them to be your followers and the second are such whose leadership you like more and you accept to be their followers!’, Nayana replied.

‘Oh! All this is becoming too philosophical!. When I was in college all my friends used to call me a philosopher! But it seems now this philosopher too has come across one philosopher!’, Vijay said seriously.

‘Philosopher?. For the first time in life I am being addressed this way!’, Nayana replied.

‘And to be really frank with you!’, Vijay continued saying, ‘What you call me as confused was not really the state of my mind few years ago but I fail to understand what has happened in the recent times that indeed makes me feel that way!’.

‘It happens like this sometimes in life especially when you are on the verge of facing a new turn to your life!’, Nayana replied.

After watching the film, it was already decided, that both of them would go for a lavish dinner in some quality restaurant.

While eating the dinner Vijay continued with the discussion and said, ‘Yes! But I really enjoyed it!’.

‘What? Are you talking about the movie? It was a bullshit film! That is why I felt asleep!’, Nayana replied.

‘I am not talking about the movie but rather about your head continuously resting on my shoulder!’, Vijay replied.

‘You naughty boy!’, Nayana blushed.

‘See for yourself! My left shoulder has not yet lost that heavy sensation!’, Vijay replied.

‘Then you must see your doctor!’, Nayana replied.

‘Why?’, Vijay asked.

‘Because it is one of the symptoms of your heart problem!’, Nayana explained.

‘Yes! It seems indeed a heart related problem!’, Vijay remarked mischievously.

Nayana felt blushing again and she looked below with her neck bowing down.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Girish Katre (


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