An Evening Plan – Chapter – 26 – Novel – Illusion.

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In their office, Nayana was using one computer and Vijay, while sitting right next to her, was using the second. Looking at a diagram being displayed on the monitor of his computer, Vijay banged his fist angrily and said, ‘Bloody Shit!’.

‘What happened?’, Nayana asked.

‘Look at this! Howsoever I may try, this task is always crossing the deadline of the project!’, Vijay angrily exclaimed while drawing Nayana’s attention to his computer’s screen. On his computer screen, there was a ‘Task Graph’ being displayed and one of the tasks was being displayed in a red highlighted color.

‘By the time we achieve the deadline of this project, I wonder whether we ourselves may go dead!’, Vijay vented out his frustration.

‘Just relax!’ Nayana tried to pacify him by saying, ‘Keep your head cool!’.

‘I really wonder how can you maintain your calm even while being under such a stressful situation!’, Vijay replied.

‘Just tell me one thing Vijay! Is there any point in brooding over the problem? That only worsens the gravity of the situation!’, Nayana tried to explain.

Finding that, even after giving this advice Vijay’s mood was not being restored, Nayana gave him a tip, ‘Whenever you come across a situation like this that a given task is crossing the deadline then better divide it in smaller sub-tasks! Then see it for yourself how a problem is crossed within seconds!’.

‘Do you think I must not have tried with all of these options?’, Vijay angrily asked.

Noticing that Nayana was calmly engrossed in her work by probably ignoring Vijay’s agony, he argued, ‘Now tell me what shall I do?’.

‘Just wait! Let me first complete with what I am a doing and then I will see how your problem can be addressed!’, Nayana calmly replied.

Noticing her calm attitude Vijay got up from his seat and angrily said, ‘Now I know why you can manage to keep your calm even while confronting a serious problem!’.

‘Tell me! Why can I keep my balance?’, Nayana curiously asked.

‘That’s because you are the daughter of the boss!. Why should you be afraid of anybody! After all, who is going to hold you responsible here?’, Vijay argued.

‘Vijay, don’t mix business with our relations at home! Here he is just my boss and father at home!’, Nayana now appeared to be serious.

‘Saying this theoretically is very easy!’, Vijay replied, ‘but tell me will really dare to say anything to you here?’.

‘But remember, true that my father is my boss but he is not the ultimate owner of the company, even he is answerable to somebody!’, Nayana argued.

Noticing that Nayana had taken all this talk very seriously, Vijay decided to retreat because otherwise all this conversation would have taken a different turn altogether. Contrary his expression, instead of agreeing with Vijay, Nayana had taken this remark far too seriously.

‘This is what happens when one gets angry!’, Vijay suddenly changed the tone of his argument and said, ‘I know your father is accountable to somebody above him but I am sorry because we were talking about this overshooting task and where have our course of talk digressed. I am really very sorry!’.

Even Nayana too did not feel it necessary to drag the conversation further after finding that Vijay too had withdrawn.

‘That is all right!’, Nayana replied.

‘But how shall we deal with this task?’, Vijay brought back the original topic.

But Nayana calmly continued to work with her agenda without replying to Vijay and therefore he angrily left out of the cabin.

All the company employees had gathered in the cafeteria, probably because it was a tea-break time. There in some corner, Vijay was sipping his coffee calmly sitting over to think about the problem at hand. At the same time, even Nayana came there and started searching for a suitable place, holding her cup of coffee and there she saw Vijay sitting in a corner so she also joined him there.

‘So? Haven’t you calmed down now?’, Nayana asked.

Vijay gave her a silent glance only.

‘Don’t worry! I also share the equal responsibility of this project!’, Nayana replied.

‘That is fine! But there has to be some way out of this mess!’, Vijay said.

‘Yes! Certainly there will be a way out! Be positive!’, Nayana said.

Vijay again started quietly sipping his cup of coffee with his ongoing thoughts.

‘Just go and see for yourself in the mirror!. What dirty looks you have reduced yourself to!’, Nayana funnily said.

‘Why? What happened?’, Vijay said after moving his palm over his own face.

‘Not your face! Look at your hairs! They are standing up erect like a devil’s enemy!’, Nayana funnily replied.

Vijay quickly tried to resettle his hairs now.

‘I think you need a break!’, Nayana said after seeing his state of looks.

Finding that Vijay was not reacting even then, Nayana said further, ‘What is your program for the evening?’.

‘No! Nothing special! Nowadays after returning home I am so tired that no desire is left to do anything!’, Vijay replied.

‘Then it means you desperately need a break!’, Nayana said.

‘What exactly do you mean? Are you planning to tell your father and give me a break from the job itself!’, Vijay now returned to being normal and cracked a joke.

‘Oh! No! Do you feel that even if I may suggest him any thing like this, he will accept it?’, Nayana replied.

‘No! What is called as ‘Temptation to abide by son’s desires’, in your case ‘daughter’s desires’, Vijay replied, ‘Don’t you know the story of Dhrutarashtra from the epic of Mahabharata!’.

‘Dhrutarashtra? You think my father as Dhrutarashtra?’, Nayana asked.

‘Oh! No! I just cited an example!’, Vijay said.

‘Is it? You can feel free to give any example about him here but probably you may not be knowing that you are his favourite!’, Nayana said and smiled.

‘Hope you are telling the truth!’, Vijay questioned.

‘I mean it! Why should I tell you lies?’, Nayana replied.

‘Then what do you say?’, Vijay brought back the topic of their discussion.

‘What?’, Nayana asked.

‘You were telling something about your program for the evening!’, Vijay said.

‘Let us go for some movie! How is the idea?’, Nayana proposed.

Vijay’s eyes were glistening with joy now and he said, ‘Yes, that will be a nice break and with your company that will be even more nice! Isn’t it?’.

Nayana only gave a pleasant smile upon hearing this.

‘Who else should we take along with us?’, Vijay intentionally asked.

‘Vijay! Sometimes you really behave like a backward guy! Do you think I am going to bring my mom or dad with me?’, Nayana angrily asked.

‘No! No! I don’t mean that! I thought you would ask any of your other friends!’, Vijay replied.

‘No! Just you and me!’, Nayana replied.

‘Yes! That will be a fantastic idea!’, Vijay joyously said.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Girish Katre (


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