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Serial Novel – Illusion Chapter 23

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After completing the engineering course, Vijay’s day had become completely empty. He had nothing left to do and applying for jobs alone became the activity he soon got extremely busy with. If he would be willing to leave his hometown and go somewhere else, it was not difficult for an engineer of an excellent grade and qualification like him to secure a job. But it was not possible for him to leave behind his house or even seek employment even in any town nearby because although he was the youngest in his family yet the entire responsibility of his family was resting on his shoulders only and if he was to go leave the family behind it would have lost its balance all the more easily. The entire hope being rested upon him alone, going to any other town was equivalent to leaving the family in lurch since he was the backbone of the other members of his family viz. his father, mother and an ailing sister.

A lot of time was spent in searching for a job or applying for the newspaper advertisements. Even Priya was trying hard for him to secure a job and using her father’s contacts she was trying her best to help Vijay get a job. There was no hope that Vijay’s father would be of any help to him because being an alcoholic he would spend entire his day so deeply under the effect of his vice that there prevailed a doubt whether he was even aware that his son had now completed his education of engineering. All said and done, the harsh reality was such that, everybody’s efforts were not yielding any success.

Now even Priya’s internship was over and she too was facing a blunt question what to do next?. Starting an independent practice of her own was not possible without a separate setup of her own and finally when even she started feeling bored and was unable to decide how she should kill her time, she decided to take up a post-graduation diploma course based on the advice Vijay offered her. Joining a post-graduation diploma course was like postponing the problem she was confronting but she was also aware that this way either the problems get solved or one gets so much accustomed to live with them that they no more cause the stress of being a problem.

It was now a daily routine for Vijay to browse through the ‘Employment News’ newspaper, marking the advertisements suitable to his qualifications, collecting all the requisite documents, preparing a demand draft by paying a visit to the bank if necessary and after complying with all the conditions arranging for sending his application for the advertisement. He might have sent scores of such applications and he had received immediate responses for an interview, thanks to his excellent grade and high rank throughout the course of engineering but finally he was falling short of using some strong influence and hence was unable to get a job this far. He was increasingly losing hope so much so that he had now started applying for non-engineering jobs also and there too he was being rejected after being rated as an ‘overqualified’ and wherever he was invited for an interview, people would make a mockery of him by saying that now the engineers too have started applying for the jobs of clerks. In the due course of time he had to take the decision to start applying for the jobs located far away from his hometown.

Nowadays, most of Vijay’s time after lunch, was being spent in waiting for the postman. Given the number of applications he had sent, everyday he was receiving interview call letters from at least two to three employers. Some such day, after finishing the lunch he was sitting in the front room of his house busy in the same thought process and suddenly he sensed as though the postman was standing at his doorsteps.

By the time he reached up to the door, he saw an envelope being inserted from below the door. He lifted and checked the address over it. He was delighted to see that his residential address alone. Vijay hastily opened the envelope and started reading the letter inside with the opening text as,

‘We are happy to inform you that you are selected……..’

With each word he was reading his heartbeats were increasing because the text was,

‘We are happy to inform you that you are selected as an engineer……..’.

Vijay read that letter again. He read the designation ‘engineer’ again and again. He was unable to believe his own eyes.

He once again read the letter completely and, overjoyed as he was, he shouted for his mother, ‘Mummy!’.

Mother was busy cleaning the utensils after lunch and she asked, ‘What is it my son?’.

I have got the job and not any simple one’, Vijay yelled joyously, ‘but that of an engineer only. I have achieved what I always craved for’.

‘What? Finally the God has showered his blessings over you son!’, mother endorsed with her joy and moved her palms, full of soap, over his cheeks to bless without realizing that now Vijay’s face was covered with bubbles.

‘Go and get some sweets!’, she said while hastily going to offer her prayers.

By that time, Shalini, Vijay’s sister too had come there and was staring at him with her expressionless face. Vijay felt tempted to share the good news with her but knowing fully well that her emotions were completely frozen, he restrained himself and went behind his mother inside the home.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Girish Katre (


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