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Termination - Chapter 29 – Novel Illusion

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Priya was busy writing her prescription and some time passed in silence. During that time Rajesh kept himself occupied in watching different pictures hanging into Priya’s clinic and he soon suggested his wife too to look at the picture of a beautiful infant child.

Priya sensed their communication and she smilingly asked, ‘Do you want to take that picture with you?’.

‘No…..What for?’, Rajesh replied.

‘If that picture keeps hanging in front of your wife’s eyes then even her child too will be beautiful like that child’, Priya explained.

‘How is that possible?’, Rajesh asked.

‘It may not happen completely but the mother’s psychological state of mind does bear a strong influence on the health of the fetus indeed and your wife will continue to feel pleasant if the picture of that child remains constantly before her which is bound to influence the child to be born’, Priya explained.

‘But…….’, Rajesh tried to argue.

‘Don’t worry about that. The Medical Representatives of several pharmaceutical companies keep regularly visiting my clinic and they do keep giving me several such pictures every time’, Priya explained.

Rajesh rose from his chair and pulled out that picture from the wall and while rolling it he came back and asked something he was not sure whether to ask or not, ‘Did you meet Vijay anytime in last weeks?’.

‘No! I have not…….Why?’, Priya answered without lifting her head while busy writing the prescription thus avoiding to reveal her expressions on face.

‘Then you must be aware that Vijay………’, Rajesh was about to tell and Priya interrupted him, ‘Why?, What happened to Vijay?’.

‘I thought you must be aware of……..’, Rajesh tried to explain.

‘Will you please tell me what has happened?’, Priya angrily said to Rajesh.

‘I heard that his company has terminated him from his job’, Rajesh answered.

‘What? Terminate? But why?’, Priya exclaimed in surprise.

‘Something happened between him and the daughter of his boss!’, Rajesh explained.

‘ That means you still did not meet him’ Priya asked.

‘Of course I did meet him but he is not revealing anything. In fact, what I told you just now is too something I learnt from others!’, Rajesh revealed.

‘But he is love with that daughter of his boss!’, Priya explained.

‘What? In love with her? But you…….’, Rajesh exclaimed and sensing what he was about to say further, Priya instantly interrupted to say, ‘And you are disclosing this to me now after so much time?’. Priya quickly got up from her chair and rushed to the door of her clinic while saying, ‘Don’t you know how important his job was for his family and sister? I must go to meet him immediately’.

Priya started from her clinic and stopped only after reaching at Vijay’s home. from across the gate of his bungalow he peeped inside and it reminded her how during their days of college life she would come the same way at his home and her eyes would keep searching for Vijay while looking all over from the gate. But today everywhere there was complete silence as though nobody was staying in that house. Unrepaired for several years now, that old structure of that house was adding to the tranquility spread over there. Instantly then, Priya sensed some movement in some corner of that open space in front of that house and she carefully looked over there to discover it was Vijay sitting alone there in a chair deeply engrossed in his thoughts. He did not notice her even after Priya opened the gate and entered inside. With beard overgrown on his face he was sitting alone deep in his thoughts.

‘Vijay! What poor state you have reduced yourself to?’, Priya asked him.

For the first time, while stepping out of the world of his thoughts, Vijay looked in front and gave a welcome smile to Priya. His face was gleaming yet with the same formidable confidence in his mind.

While sitting over the chair kept next to him, Priya asked to Vijay, ‘Rajesh had come to meet me and he was telling that your company has……’.

Vijay interrupted her to complete her sentence himself, ‘Terminated me!’.

There was not an iota of worry or anxiety visible on his face.

‘But Why? What happened that you should be terminated?’, Priya expressed her concern toward him.

‘Not anything serious!’, Vijay replied.

‘And you did not find it necessary to even take the trouble of informing me about it’, Priya said to express her agony.

‘If it was to be anything special I would have told you but I did not find it necessary!’, Vijay replied.

‘Oh! That means only when there will be any necessity will you tell me anything?’, Priya expressed her anger.

‘I really mean it. There is noting great about it!’, Vijay lifted his legs spread over the chair next and clarified himself while positioning himself well in the chair again.

‘And what about this overgrown beard like any sad lover?’, Priya was not yet willing to leave him from disclosing the reality.

‘No! I have avoided shaving for long just because there is no more any formal life of going to office everyday’, Vijay explained.

‘Anyway…… cannot escape from explaining everything to me about what exactly happened’, Priya was now determined to find out the truth.

‘Ok fine! I will tell you what happened’, Vijay said and started his story.

Continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Girish Katre (


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