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Though Priya left Vijay’s home, yet she certainly was not convinced with Vijay’s justification on his termination. Vijay tried very hard to convince her about the happenings. Generally she was quite sure about Vijay’s convincing power. It was Vijay only who persuaded her to do her post graduation. But today, he did not sound strong enough. Something was wrong somewhere. But she avoided probing it further as Vijay was not at all receptive today. He was hiding something from her.
Priya knew Vijay. He was like an open book to her.  But today he was different…was deliberately hiding something from her … probably something not to be shared.
Priya cherished the bond between Vijay and hers. It was something she was proud of. But today it seemed frail. It may be because Vijay was not as open as he used to be. And hence, Priya was not able to connect with him today.

It was probably because Vijay was in love with Nayana and not Priya. But she was aware of this for some time now… so what went wrong today. She was pondering over these thoughts and decided to meet Nayana at her house. But was it correct for her to go to Nayana’s house especially in this situation when Vijay was unaware about this. If he comes to know, he will certainly not let her go to Nayana’s house.

But even if she goes, what is she going to ask her. She doesn’t know Nayana. And if she asks Nayana about the episode, will Nayana tell her the truth…

But Vijay loved Nayana, and Priya was confident of Vijay’s choice. Nayana should be a very mature girl. And it was very important to go and meet Nayana in order to know the fact and truth behind this entire episode.

Priya was in two minds and was not able to decide anything. At one hand she wanted to know everything. For this she was ready to meet Nayana and directly ask her about it. But on the other hand she was scared of its repercussions. If Nayana misconstrues about Vijay and Priya’s relationship.. their mutual relationship could break.

Priya was boggled. She knew Nayana out of Vijay’s conversation only. She did not know her personally.

Probably it was out of jealousy that she wanted to see her once. She verified her feelings, and she was sure that this was not the case. Now everything is beyond jealousy and callousness.
But Priya was still desperate to meet Nayana once, as she was worried for her friend Vijay.
And this proved that Priya still loved Vijay…unconditionally. And Priya herself also could not erase this from her life.
But this would lead to scraping the old wounds. She was sure that those would bleed. She was getting more and more confused.
Finally she decided to stick to her very first thought of going and meeting Nayana once. She headed to go to Nayana’s residence. She took an auto rickshaw to cover that distance.
She directed auto driver about the address which she knew while speaking to Vijay. When she reached the bungalow, she was amazed to see the grandeur of the place. Lush green lawns, pruned shrubs, expensive and ostentatious show pieces…everything seemed to be strikingly picturesque. Unknowingly Priya started to imagine about Nayana’s father and she figured him like a perfect mechanical human being without any emotions…and feelings.
While observing the bungalow, she suddenly recollected that when Vijay called at Nayana’s residence, he was told that Nayana was out of town for few days. Would she have come back till now?
Priya was guessing. But Vijay called some 7 to 8 days ago. She would have come back.
Setting all these thoughts aside, Priya decided to enter the bungalow and confirm whether Nayana is in or not.

When Priya reached the entrance gate, she found a watchman at his duty.

He asked, “Who do you want to meet?” The watchman was rude in his conversation.

“Nayana” Priya was crisp.

“What for?” he again questioned.

Priya knew that one has to be stern while dealing with these people otherwise they take disadvantage of that. And it’s not their fault as they are used to this treatment.

“I need to meet her…for some personal work… I can’t tell you”, replied Priya with stern looks.

Now the watchman softened his attitude and asked, “Madam, what’s your name?”


The gatekeeper immediately picked the intercom and dialed a number and waited for the answer.

“Madam…there is some Ms. Priya who wants to meet you..” The watchman informed over the phone.

“He listened to the instructions given over the phone and asked Priya further, “Priya….what’s your surname madam?”

“Vijay’s friend… tell her” Priya replied.

After hearing Vijay’s name, the watchman looked at Priya for a moment, and then spoke over the phone, “Madam, she says she is Vijay’s friend.”

After some time he disconnected the call and let Priya in. Priya understood that he knew something about Vijay. Or else he was directed about Vijay. Because when he heard Vijay’s name, a grave streak crept over his face. And Priya did not miss that.

Continued …

Original Novel by – Sunil Doiphode
English Version by – Mugdha Apte


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