Grim silence - Chapter 48 - Novel Illusion

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A couple of months had passed after that life devastating incident. Vijay’s mother used to be in her own world after that. She had covered herself in grim silence. On the other hand, Vijay’s sister and father were behaving as if nothing had happened. It did not affect their lives at all. When Vijay was there, their house used to be lively, but now he stole the soul from their house and departed for ever.

Everyone was living in his own world and there was nothing which connected them. They were physically together but were leading their lives like two parallel banks of a river. Vijay’s mother was the only one who could feel the absence of Vijay and hence, she was suffering… alone. But despite her shattered state, she had to take care of her household routine. Activities like cooking, shopping etc. were her responsibility and now Vijay was also not there to support her any way.

Probably this was the only thing she could do to momentarily forget the sorrow. She used to keep herself busy in minutest of the chores, so as to remain away from those bitter reminiscences. Priya had returned from her granny’s place. Since the time she was back, she was desperate to meet Vijay. But she was not allowed to go anywhere… not even outside for a walk. Though she had recovered almost completely and she could move. She had already started going out on her own while she was at her granny’s place. But after coming back, she had found drastic change in her father’s behaviour.

Her father was always after her with some or the other marriage proposals. When she initiated the topic of her clinic and resuming on her practice, her father always used to divert her and suggest her to continue her practice only after getting married.

At last one day she managed to leave from her house without her father knowing about this. She straight away went to Rajesh’s house. There only she got this shocking news of Vijay’s accident and death thereafter. Rajesh was telling her about the whole incidence but she was as if in comatose.

“How is it possible?” she could not believe.

Why such disastrous thing happened with her. Why is god so cruel to her?

She was angry not only with god but with everyone around her. She lost interest in everything. Her father could identify this change in her. He guessed that she had come to know about Vijay’s death. He was quite sure that something so grim about Vijay only could shove her from her life.

It was sure that she would come to know about this news some or the other day. But her father was content that she got the news from somewhere outside and he did not have to tell her about this.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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