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Hallucinations – Chapter – 37 – Novel - Illusion

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Priya narrated all the happenings till now to Dr. Nadkarni. She was feeling very despondent …. very low.

“I see”, Dr. Nadkarni thought for a while and responded.

“But whatever he blabbers, there should be some way to find what is wrong and what is right out of it? Priya asked.

“Priya….That’s next to impossible…because these patients are in delusion state … where reality and imagination is muddled up…. they believe that whatever they imagine is real…and hence, they themselves are not able to differentiate between real and imaginary.” explained Dr. Nadkarni.

“it means, whatever he tells about Nayana is his imagination.” Priya asked.

“Quite possible…but some things can be real also.” Dr. Nadkarni answered.

“But why does it happen Dr. Nadkarni…and its tragic that it has happened with Vijay…. He is very talented …he cares for his family…and his family needs him…. Why should it happen with him only?..” Priya was depressed.

“Not only Vijay, but anyone who faces this, is under great pressure. It’s tragic.” Dr. Nadkarni consoled her.

“But there should be some reason behind this disorder.” Priya asked.

“Yes…there may be ample of reasons…huge stress, pressure….weak physical and mental status of the person….anything….anything may be the reason..”

None of them spoke for a while.

“Yes…and addition to it, it might be hereditary also.” Dr. Nadkarni continued.
 “True doctor… Vijay’s case is hereditary only, as his sister is also facing some psychiatric disorder.” Priya jumped with this information.

Priya was getting more and more concerned about Vijay.

“Oh…it means his sister is also having the same problem…” Dr. Nadkarni was staring in void and was occupied with some thought.

“What’s her exact problem…and since when this problem persists.” Dr. Nadkarni asked.

“Almost the same problem doctor….and it’s been there for past…. at least….7 to 8 years….and it’s aggravating in recent times…” Priya said.

“Did Vijay show any such signs, before also sometime? I mean any maniac attack or hallucinations…any history?” Dr Nadkarni asked.

“Not to the best of my knowledge…I think it’s the first time he is exhibiting all this.” Priya informed.

Dr. Nadkarni thought something and said, “I think it’s a clear case of schizophrenia… it is beginning of that….when patients react in similar manner…hallucinating etc…..”

“It means that surely it is a hereditary problem.” Priya gasped.

“yes….it seems so.” Dr. Nadkarni.

“But can we do anything about it… any cure…?” Priya tried to sound hopeful.

“Don’t worry Priya… Medical Science has progressed a lot… Even if it is a hereditary problem …. there is surely a cure available to this disorder…. But there is a problem with these patients.” Dr. Nadkarni.

“Probem? Is it financial Doctor?”

“No…not financial…”


“Priya…it’s very important that we take patients into confidence and then start the treatment. They need to know that they are suffering from some disorder. They should be ready for this treatment and should make an effort to get cured.” Dr. Nadkarni explained.

“What so ever it takes doctor…I will take him into confidence. I will make him ready for this treatment.” Priya was hopeful.

“Yes.. I think… even if it is difficult.. you should not find any difficulty…because you yourself are a doctor…and our patient is also educated and intelligent.” Dr. Nadkarni was constantly encouraging Priya.

Again it was silent for quite a while.

“Ok… how is his sister now…means is there any treatment going on… and she is responding to that treatment?” Dr. Nadkarni.

“It’s not as expected doctor…but still much satisfactory…Actually…. Vijay took the responsibility of his sister’s treatment, after he got the job…. Probably, she would have taken some time to recover, as the treatment in her case was delayed. But now god only knows what will happen to her. Vijay was the only earning member in their family…everything was depended on him ….and Vijay has lost his job recently…. And you know his mental status now.” Priya was boggled with all these problems.

“Dr. Nadkarni was worried hearing this.

“But doctor.. there is nothing to worry… now I am there… I will take care of everything.. I will help them.” Priya said.

“Yes, that’s better.” said doctor.


Original Novel – Sunil Doiphode
English Version – Mugdha Apte


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