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How is Priya ? - Chapter – 45 – Novel Illusion

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Vijay’s mother was still holding his hand and was hurriedly dragging him. She was taking him to Priya’s house. She was rushing so fast that Vijay was finding it difficult to keep pace with her. They walked so for about 15 minutes and Vijay was still unable to follow anything. Vijay’s mother was silent, she just wanted to reach Priya’s house as soon as possible. Vijay was also numb. He was gradually realizing that something is terribly wrong.

He was restless after knowing two contradictory things. He was not able to understand whatever was going on with him.

On the other hand, Vijay’s mother was analyzing Vijay’s mental dilemma. She told him about this mishap today, but he was already behaving like this… did he know this beforehand and thus he was behaving in such a manner. Was he already in a shocked state? Probably he came to know there only and thus he was reacting in such a manner.

But whatever it is… now he ought to be strong… and he should face the situation with a strong soul.

They reached Priya’s house. They found Priya’s father standing outside in the premises. When he saw Vijay and his mother approaching, he got angry and came ahead. Priya’s father did not like Priya and Vijay’s relationship.

In normal circumstances, he would have said yes to this, though unwillingly… but now that Vijay was jobless, it looked even more difficult for him to accept it. Further, he held Vijay and his family responsible for Priya’s suffering. Logically it was fair enough that a father opposed her daughter’s involvement in a person with mental instability.

As Priya’s father came ahead, Vijay’s mother left Vijay’s hand and stood in front of him. All of them were silent for a while.

“How is Priya?” Vijay’s mother dared to ask.

“She is alive.” Priya’s father answered rudely.

Vijay’s mother understood that there is nothing more to speak to Priya’s father, hence, she left him there and headed to go in with Vijay.

“She is not here…” Priya’s father informed them.

“Then where is she?” Vijay’s mother asked.

“We have sent her out of town… far away from you people.” Priya’s father was getting more and more bitter in his voice. He immediately turned and went inside.

Watching him leave from that place, Vijay’s mother looked at their servant, who was standing nearby when all this was going on. She asked him, “Where is Priya?”

First the servant turned to confirm that his master was not there. When he was assured, he fumbled in bleak voice, “why have…. you come here… you know… master doesn’t like you people coming here.”

 “yes… I agree with you… but who will tell this crazy boy? What all he is rattling on… he says that Priya was with him for last 15 days… now how should I tell him that after he left from here, Priya met with a terrible accident and thereafter for 15 days, she was in coma… then how is it possible that she accompanied him for those 15 days. you only try and tell him.” Vijay’s mother was irritated to the core.

The servant glanced at Vijay with perplexed looks. He could not understand how to react to this situation, hence, he kept mum. Vijay was now gradually getting convinced about the truth.

“how is she now?” Vijay only asked further.

“She came in consciousness 8 days ago… and yesterday master sent her to her granny’s place… for a place change.” Servant informed them.

Vijay was now desperate to meet Priya once. But she was at her granny’s place.

Vijay knew where her granny lived. But it was far away from his town. He was thinking of some way out to this problem.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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