How was the trip? Chapter – 44 – Novel Illusion

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Vijay was taking rest after lunch. His mother was sitting on the floor, alongside the bed, and was busy in some regular household chores. She was still not able to recover from morning’s shock. But she knew that it’s time to be strong as she was the only person in the house who could help others lead their lives. Everyone else was in his or her own world and she was the common link between all of them who would keep them together… at least as a family. Doing her work, she sneaked at Vijay. He was lying on the bed and was staring at the roof, as if there is a storm of thoughts blowing through his mind.

She wanted to speak to her son, especially about Priya. There were lot of things which happened within the last one month, and she wanted to share them all with her son. But was it the right time to talk?

Vijay looked more boggled and unstable. Will it be right to let him know about everything now… in such a condition. She tried to weigh up the situation.

Finally she broke the silence and asked Vijay, “Is everything going alright in your office? Was your trip successful?”

He didn’t respond. He was still immersed in his thoughts. To bring him back, mother patted on his hand and called him again, “Vijay…”

“Yes… mother”, Vijay abruptly woke up and responded.

“I asked… is everything alright in your office?” Mother asked again.

“Yes… everything is alright… I went and then after two days Priya came there to accompany me… hence, everything went well.” Vijay answered.

Vijay’s mother was shocked to hear this. She left her work and stared at Vijay. She impulsively stood up and shook Vijay and almost shouted on him, “what’s wrong with you Vijay… do you know what you are saying?”

“Why?... What happened mother?...” Vijay was not expecting such a reaction from his mother. Surprised to the core, he got up immediately and leaned ahead.

“I tried telling you since you arrived here… but you started some weird things regarding Nayana… hence, I kept mum…. I still do not know whether I should tell you or not?” Vijay’s mother was again assessing his condition.

“Will you tell me what has happened?” Vijay demanded.

“You left from here and very next day Priya met with an accident. She fell from the cliff… she is seriously injured… and since then she is in coma.” Vijay’s mother fumbled.

Vijay abruptly got up from the bed, “how is it possible mother… are you in senses? I left from here and the very next day she came there to accompany me. We were together for almost 15 good days… then how can she fall from the cliff here? How should I tell you mother.. we stayed together… we roamed around.. we went there in an old temple of Lord Shiva.” Vijay was trying to convince his mother.

Vijay’s mother broke into tears.

She was blabbering, “Oh my god… why are you doing this to me… save my child from this hell… if we have committed any sin… punish me… but spare my child.” She was constantly crying.

While crying, she saw Vijay’s bag, lying under the bed. She stopped crying and pulled the bag. She was out of her control. She opened the bag and started throwing all the clothes and things out. Suddenly she found Vijay’s medicines. The bottle was still sealed. She saw and asked him furiously, “these medicines are kept as it is. You didn’t take even one pill of it.”

Vijay’s mother took out the pills from the bottle and threw them at Vijay. She started crying again. She shouted, “Why are you torturing me like this?”

“Mother… why don’t you trust me… ask Priya.. whether we went to Vrindavan Garden or not?”

Now Vijay’s mother blew up. She stopped crying. She wiped her tears and grabbed her son’s hand. She more or less dragged him to the door and said, “Let’s go …. Let me show you today…”


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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