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I didn’t expect this from you - Chapter-38 – Novel Illusion

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Now Priya was desperate to meet Vijay. So she came to Vijay’s house. She saw him engrossed into some thoughts.

“Hello Vijay…. What are you thinking?” asked Priya.

“Oh Priya…No…nothing”, Vijay came out from his trance and answered.

“No…there is something going on in your mind….usually I haven’t seen you so immersed into your thoughts…. you didn’t even notice me coming here.” Priya.

“Nothing Priya… Today I am feeling little unusual.” Vijay.

“Unusual…means?” Priya.

“Don’t know… I am not able to understand… but there is something different today.” Vijay.

Priya found this as the best time to talk about this.

“Recently you often feel like that …right?”

“Yes…Many a times? Almost every day……” Vijay.

“Means you feel scared or irritated, without any reason…. right?” Priya

“Yes, you are right… but how do you know?” Vijay

“Vijay…do I know you today…. Even if you miss one heart beat, I come to know.” Priya imparted her emotions innocently. And she eagerly waited for Vijay’s reaction on this.

But Vijay was in his daze only. He said, “I think it’s because I am jobless now a days…. totally idle”

“I have an idea.” Priya tried to strike the topic.

“Idea? What idea?” Vijay.

“I can’t tell you here… let’s go out somewhere…for a walk…. we will be able to chat there freely.” Priya.

“Out? For a walk? …..Ok let’s go.” Vijay got up and headed to the door.

Priya ployed for a walk but she got him to Dr. Nadkarni’s clinic.

“Hey Vijay… this is our Dr. Nadkarni…. and trust me…he is a genius…” Priya pointed to Dr. Nadkarni’s board.

“I see… but I don’t think that anyone else is more talented and genius than you are.” Vijay teased.

“Oh is it? How do you know that I am talented..…and by the way….. I am a gynecologist… you cannot have that experience.” Priya also grinned.

“Oh ya…that’s right” Vijay laughed. “But to be sure of one’s talent, it’s not compulsory to experience it.”

“Then?” Priya.

“Priya…one has to just look at you …and he will know that you are a genius.” Vijay was constantly pulling her leg.

“Vijay…no one can beat you in talking… I swear…” Priya said.

Suddenly Vijay remembered Nayana because he too always praised her like this.
Vijay was immersed deep into his thoughts. And Priya did not want to lose this chance.

“Ok common…let’s go in.” Priya changed the topic. She anyhow wanted to take Vijay to Dr. Nadkarni.

“Inside?” Vijay was astonished. “Is it important to go in?”

“Oh no… nothing important as such… Just a casual visit………let’s go and meet him once.” Priya said.

Vijay went in unwillingly. Dr. Nadkarni saw them coming. He wore a pleasant smile on his face and got up to welcome them, “Please come in.”

Both of them entered the cabin. Dr. Nadkarni asked Priya to wait outside.

“Yes Sir…” Priya answered with respect. She turned to the reception area and sat on the sofa kept there.

Vijay could not understand what was going on. He apprehensively stared at Priya.

 “Just go in...” Priya pacified him.

Vijay reluctantly went inside and the door of the cabin got closed.

Vijay was in for quite a long time. And Priya was waiting outside.
She wanted Vijay to spend more and more time inside with Dr. Nadkarni. She was sure that it would be for his betterment only. They will get good opportunity to discuss the problem.

Vijay came out after about an hour and a half. He gestured Priya to get up and walk out with him.

“Let me say him goodbye.” Priya said heading towards the cabin.

Vijay obstructed him and said, “No need to do that.”

Priya was little shocked to see Vijay reacting in such a manner. She followed him without uttering a word. Her heart was pounding. What would have happened inside…. with the doctor?…how will she come to know about it?

Vijay was walking very fast and after a while, he reached far ahead of Priya. Realizing this, he stopped and waited for her. This gesture made her a little relaxed. Probably he would have calmed a little bit.

But as soon as Priya joined him, he started walking again silently. For a long time, they kept mum.  Priya found him disturbed and hence, she also decided to keep quiet. But in between she was sneaking at him with a hope that he would say something.

Suddenly Vijay broke out with anger, “What does he think of himself?”

“Why?....What happened?” Priya groped.

“This is how he is utilizing his so called Doctor degree?” he again frowned.

“But what happened…can you please be clear? Priya asked him.

“Priya…he wanted to prove me mentally ill…..he did not find anyone else since morning I think.” Vijay shouted.

“Vijay…. A doctor has to evaluate each and every aspect of the case…it’s his duty to diagnose fully before starting the treatment on the patients.” Priya explained.

“Treatment? You too?” Vijay stopped and stared at Priya as she defended the Doctor.
Priya could feel Vijay’s skeptical looks.

“Oh Vijay…. Not like that. We ourselves are unaware of few things that happen to us...But you need to agree that you need psychiatric treatment badly.” Priya said further.

“What?...I need a psychiatric treatment?”Vijay was fuming. But the next moment, he controlled himself and said, “I didn’t expect this from you.”

Vijay was frowning with anger. Priya followed him silently.
After a while Vijay again stopped as if he remembered something. He turned and said, “Now I understand everything….”

He again started walking. Priya found it hard to catch him, she almost screamed, “Please stop Vijay.”

Suddenly he stopped ahead and turned. He said, “Now I know everything….You are jealous….I love Nayana and not you…you can’t digest this….and hence you are trying to prove me mentally ill….Oh god…how you can go to this level…I can’t believe….” Vijay was blabbering in anger.

Priya was getting hurt with each word of Vijay. She was being accused of such a serious allegation….and that too by someone whom she loved so much.

Priya couldn’t control and she burst into tears.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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