Late night Party –Chapter – 31 – Novel Illusion

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But he pondered, “Is it right to eavesdrop on someone and that too on a group of girls? No… it looks indecent….”
But Vijay could not averse himself. He wanted to confirm whether the group was talking about him only.
He was not at all interested in anything else but the group of girls. Nayana’s and other girls’ gestures clearly indicated that they were talking about none other than Vijay. He decided to hide himself behind a pillar and overhear them. But he was little scared of getting caught…
At once a basket of wafers, which was hung high on the pillar, caught his attention. He pretended to take wafers from the basket and grabbed some moments to hear the talks. He was happy as it helped him to loiter around and spend some time to complete his mission.
He wanted to pay attention to the talks and nothing else.
“Hey Nayana… you are glowing today.” admired one of her friends.
Another added to it, “there must be something special today… that’s the reason she is blushing, otherwise have you ever seen her glowing so much?”
One more added, “yes… for such a serious person like Nayana, this change is absolutely unexpected.”
Vijay, bloated with ecstasy, thought, “How could I miss this change in her? She is always chirpy now-a-days. Drastic change in her….”
“This could happen in one situation only” giggled one of them.
Another one didn’t miss the opportunity to tease and said, “Love….L…O….V….E… what else?”
“yes, you are right… she is in love…. Nayana is in love with someone….”
“You know girls….lately you can find Nayana with her partner Vijay…everywhere…anytime…” One of them revealed.
Vijay was hearing all this and he was happy that whatever he thought was right.
“Anytime? What’s going on?”Questioned her friends and pinched Nayana hard.
“Ouch…” she shrieked. “damn…what are you doing”
Everyone was teasing Nayana and forcing her to reveal the secret, they were trying to know.
“ What’s going… Nothing… Just that … I like him” fumbled Nayana but revealed the secret.
“Shucks…. Like …Only Like… Or more than that?” she was again interrogated.
“yes… I love him too….Is that enough… this is what you wanted to hear from me, isn’t it?” She answered.
Vijay couldn’t believe that Nayana could confess her love so boldly. He was on top of the world. He took his glass of beer and headed towards the wine counter. Everything was clear. Nayana had admitted of being in love.
“Yes… I love him too…” these words kept echoing in Vijay’s mind. He did an indecency of over hearing girls’ talks, but was content to do that.
He wanted to confess his love before Nayana, but he was not sure of her feelings for him.
He was happy …rather ecstatic… hence he gulped the entire glass of wine made by the bar tender.
“Yes…this is the time to celebrate” but immediately he stopped himself from drinking more.
Suddenly everything changed. After knowing Nayana’s feelings, Vijay started to enjoy each and every moment in the party.  The people around, whom he was not very comfortable with, suddenly looked very amiable. Party was at peak of its charm.
Vijay was desperate to share such great news with someone. He could not stop himself. Everyone seemed to be sharing his joy. He thought of his friend’s group which was still busy chatting at the same place. He thought of sharing this with them. He was unsure of their reaction on it and was afraid that they will not take him seriously. But he was least bothered about it.
He tried reaching his friends but he was obstructed by a group in between. He was little uncomfortable to see that his boss led the group and fortunately or unfortunately he was Nayana’s father. How couldn’t Vijay notice that his boss is standing so close to him.
He decided not to pass the Boss’s group and stand there only. He was trying to find some other way to reach his friends’ group. Suddenly he could hear some talks from Boss’s group also.
“You know, at last, my search is completed. I have found a perfect match for my daughter Nayana.” Commented Nayana’s father.
Vijay was little apprehensive of some unfavorable decision of the Boss.
One in the group asked taking a swig of whisky, “ So…who is that lucky guy?”
Nayana’s father chuckled, took a swig and said, “Guess who that fellow is.”
“How could we know Sir?”
“Does he work in our office?” speculated one of them.
Nayana’s father sneaked assertively and answered, “ are right.”
“But still I can’t” The fellow pretended to be still clueless about that…perhaps by this, he wanted to flatter the boss. He was cunning enough to know that overriding the Boss is not going to help him. It’s better to keep him happy .
“you quit?”, asked Nayana’s father.
“Yes… I quit.” The fellow surrendered. He knew that every ass likes to hear himself bray.
Nayana’s father perhaps liked the attitude of the fellow and blessed him with one more chance, “OK…one more clue…”
He took a snooping pause and said, “he works with my daughter….now guess”
Vijay was exhilarated to hear all this. He was now anxious to know the name as he had a tough competition from other same aged guys in his office.
The fellow chuckled and answered, “Vijay…am I right?” He had to be right this time.
“Yes, you are absolutely right”
Vijay was all ears to hear this and now he was content with the answer. He was so delighted and celebrated the moment with one more glass of beer.


Original Novel bySunil Doiphode
English Version byMugdha Apte


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