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Proposal – Chapter 32 – Novel Illusion

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Perhaps Nayana’s father also wanted him to be his daughter’s life partner. Vijay was at top of the world. This development was too fast and unexpected to believe. He had struck gold, and that too without much of efforts.
He suspected Nayana’s ploy in this, especially to get her father’s approval.
Perhaps they are very close to each other…..far informal than any other daughter and father.  He silently commended the relationship and unknowingly compared it with that of his father’s and his. He had reminiscence of his father as one ever smashed with liquor. Even his parents also didn’t have any bonding amongst themselves, then there was no question about parents and children…
Vijay was delved deep into his thoughts.
Suddenly he pulled himself to present. He got green signal from both Nayana and her father…and this was the best time to drive the situation ahead. The most important thing was Nayana’s father’s approval to their relationship and they have received that.
His mind was at work. He wanted to do something which could help him achieve his aim. He postponed the thought of telling this to his friends.
The orchestra was playing enthralling music. People, who Vijay never expected to dance, were also swaying to its beats. All thanks to the liquor. Gradually the music started responding to people’s vigor and had started catching the pace. Now it was playing fast numbers….even a couple of items songs also.
People were whooping it up. A couple of them even went on the stage to sing. Few of them, who normally feared the Boss and spoke quite seldom with him, were freely chatting today. The atmosphere took complete hold of Vijay’s emotions and he could find no reason to hold himself back.
 “Should I also go and speak with the Boss…..but …..but what will I speak and how should I ask him… or I should speak straight away to Nayana….and confess his love for her”. Vijay was confused.
But there was something else also going in his mind. The party environment was contributing to his creepy thoughts. He saw one of his colleagues going on stage and singing a song... perhaps he neatly made use of the song to open up to the people. People cheered him so much.
This was enough to trigger Vijay and he ran to the stage. He almost snatched the microphone from his colleague. People started guessing the next song. He glanced at the people, perhaps looking for someone. At once he found her… Nayana… Vijay was happy to see that she was also looking at him with a sweet smile and was encouraging him to go ahead.
“Friends…” Vijay managed to speak.
The Orchestra Manager came near Vijay and muttered asking for the song he wanted to sing. Vijay gestured him to stop.
“Friends…I am here not to sing today” revealed Vijay.
“Then what makes you stand here” someone asked.
“I am here to say something” answered Vijay.
“Please stop if it’s official” people hooted at him.
“Yes… we are enjoying the dance and music…please don’t spoil it”
Vijay justified, “no, it’s not official”
“Then you can proceed” the crowd permitted him.
Vijay proceeded, “today I am very happy…and on this happy occasion…. I have to say something…”
“And what is that?” questioned someone from the crowd.
“Little patience please” Vijay wanted to stretch their curiosity.
“No...No...”everyone was impatient and unanimously shouting.
“What I want to say is that.... I am in love” Vijay saw Nayana and said.
“Ho...” applauded everyone...
“Who is that lucky girl?”asked someone.
Vijay saw Nayana and said, “That girl is....Nayana....and I take this opportunity to propose her...Nayana..... will you marry me?”
Nayana was shocked to hear that.
Vijay thought that she was not ready for this and hence she looked a little scared.
Everyone was stunned, hearing that. There was a graveyard silence around as if something bashed them off the hangover.
Vijay observed everyone and thought that people did not expect this and hence they looked confused.
Vijay sneaked at Nayana’s father. He was fuming with anger. Now Vijay was taken aback. He understood that there was something wrong. At least this very reaction of the Boss was unexpected.
“Has he goofed up? What is his fault?”Vijay tried to weigh the situation. He checked himself whether he was drunk and was sure that he was not high.
“Then what’s wrong? Perhaps the place and time was not appropriate....”Vijay was still thinking.

Continued …

Original Novel by – Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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