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Return From Duty – Chapter – 43 – Novel – Illusion

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Vijay returned after about a month. He was walking briskly to his home with his bag in one hand.
Truly we are so attached to our people and home. And moreover, those of us who have such
relations to cherish are really fortunate.

As he reached the main gate, he saw door of the house open.

Who must have come at this time? It must be Priya….

But she didn’t know when I am returning. Such a nice coincidence, it is.

He opened the main gate and entered the premises of his house. While entering, he called his
mother loudly.

Nobody responded from inside. Probably she must be busy in cooking.

But she knew that I am coming. He again called, “Mom…”

But nothing happened. He thought of checking inside. As soon as he entered the house, he
turned furious to find someone sitting on the chair. It was Nayana who was waiting for him

As she saw Vijay entering, she stood up. Before she could speak, Vijay exclaimed, “you?”

“Vijay… I was waiting for you only.” She said.

“Why? You want to see my miserable life…. Or you want to confirm whether I am recovered or
not… and you want to spoil it again.”

“No.. Vijay… don’t say like this.” She sobbed.

“What should I say then… should I thank you for what you did to me?” Vijay was almost

“Vijay please… don’t speak to me like this...” Nayana was almost begging in front of Vijay.

“then why did you come here?” Vijay asked rudely.

“Can’t I even come and meet you? Have I lost that right?” she asked.

“huh…. right?” Vijay laughed.

“I have come to apologise. Vijay… I did a mess of my life... We don’t realize what person means
to you when he is with you. Once he goes far away, then only we realize his importance in our

“So it’s little early Nayana. Let me go even farther away… to hell.” Vijay said.

“Vijay… please… don’t be rude to me… please forgive me… I was wrong.” Nayana was pleading.

“You were wrong… and I spoiled my entire life because of you… do you realize that?” Vijay was

“It’s not that late Vijay… My dad will withdraw your termination and everything will be
alright.” Nayana was reassuring him.

“Your Dad... will he now play with my life as per his whims… one day he will spoil my career and
throw me out and the next day he will be kind enough to withdraw my termination… Is he some
god to do so.” Vijay was in anger.

Vijay’s mother reached the main gate and almost ran inside. Her son was returning after a
month. She was very happy.

But as soon as she reached the gate, she stopped there.

She had heard the noise inside. She was trying to speculate what must have happened inside…
why her son is shouting at top of his voice.

Probably his father and he must have had argument on something.

But it doesn’t seem so.

Then is it with Priya and Rajesh. But argument with Priya is also not possible.

Then it must be Rajesh only. Now-a-days they seem to be always fighting on some or the other

She silently entered the house. Vijay was in the hall only and was still yelling.

“When I needed you the most… where were you that time? And now... when I have recovered
with the help of Priya... you again came here to spoil all this. I know… you are jealous of Priya….
and… above all….. you should have thought of your marriage at least. I can’t believe you are not
bothered about that also.”

“Yes… now I understand…. I heard something about this earlier also… One who you married...
he ditched you... right? He was already married… isn’t it… you wanted someone working
abroad… you and your rude father… you got a good lesson… selfish people… I don’t have any
sympathy for you now.”

Vijay was waving his hands looking at the chair. Vijay’s mother looked for that another person
in the hall. But she was shocked to find no one around. She collapsed on the ground. She did
not have energy to speak anything.

“You bitch… get out from here. And don’t ever come here again.” Vijay was still shouting.
He was fuming with anger. He did not even realize that his mother had arrived. Vijay’s mother
again and again wanted to confirm whether there is someone around or Vijay was blabbering
with himself only. At this moment she hoped that Nayana was here.

Vijay’s mother controlled herself and got up. Still Vijay did not acknowledge her presence.
Now she deliberately called her son to wake him up from his day-dreaming. She called, “Son...
when did you come?”

Vijay turned and looked at his mother. But he didn’t look happy to see his mother after a

“Look.. who has come… this bitch... she has come here again to spoil our lives.” Vijay shouted.

Now his mother could not control herself. She ran to the chair and kicked it hard to show him
that no one was sitting on it. She screamed, “Look here... do you see someone sitting?” “This is
empty… no one is sitting here.” She said.

Still Vijay was looking at his mother with a question mark on his face. Vijay’s mother collapsed
near the chair and burst into tears.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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