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Rich people act different - Chapter-33- Novel Illusion

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Vijay told the story and just kept staring at Priya’s face. But he was actually in trance. Priya was waiting for Vijay to speak ahead.
But Vijay kept quiet. To make him speak, Priya asked, “What happened there after?”

“What next? I told you everything what happened.” Vijay responded.
"No… but why did he terminate you? There must be something which made him take such a disastrous step..something happened in between..” Priya asked.
“then what... it was a holiday the next day. Everybody was fatigued with yester night’s party. I was also relaxing the whole day. And when I went to office the third day, a termination letter was waiting for me at the desk.” Vijay grinned.
“What?… a sudden termination order”
“That’s what… I was also shocked.”
“Without any notice? They must have mentioned something in the letter.” Priya interrogated.
Vijay replied, “They did mention...due to some unavoidable reasons...we have no other option than to terminate as per the rules, we are attaching three months salary cheque with this letter. And a cheque was attached to the letter.”
“Unavoidable reasons? Is there anyone else who is terminated along with?” probed Priya.
No, I tried to investigate. Only I am terminated.”Vijay said.
“Did you try investigating further?” Priya asked.
“Yes...I did..I searched for Nayana... And I came to know that Nayana is on leave for next one week. When I tried to meet Nayana’s father, his secretary told that his calendar for the next one week is booked.. hence I cannot meet colleagues also didn’t know anything about it. I called Nayana’s residence...but I was told that she is not in town and no-one at home knows where she is.” Vijay replied.
“Perhaps they are directed to say so.” Priya said.
“Yes, I also think so.” Vijay nodded.

“Its crystal clear …. That they didn’t like you proposing to Nayana and hence you were terminated.” Priya concluded.
Vijay was speechless.
“When you proposed to Nayana, were you drunk?” Priya asked.
“Priya… I was fully in my senses. I took only three pegs and that too of beer.” Vijay said.
“Despite being aware of your father’s condition, you drink… that’s only unexplainable.” Priya was fuming.
“Priya you are going astray.. is there any connection between the happenings now and my father?” Vijay was frustrated.
“I am saying this because I strongly feel that you should not follow your father.... that’s it.”
“Priya please….that we will talk later”
Thereafter both of them kept silence for a long time.
Priya broke the silence by concluding everything, “that means they didn’t like you proposing Priya this way.”
Vijay pounced at her, “now you will blame me for everything… according to you I should not have done that…but everything is fair in love and war Priya…but it’s no use telling you…you need to be in love to understand this.”
Priya was hurt. She felt tears to the brim of her eyes, but perhaps Vijay could not see it as it was little dark.
Again it was grim silence. Priya avoided talking as she did not want to vent her feeling out right now and it was quite possible while consoling Vijay.
Priya controlled herself and continued.
“But even if your way of admitting your love was wrong, they could have spoken to you. I can understand them blasting on you for this…but termination is something I am not able to digest. I think there is something hidden underneath.” Priya said.
“No Priya… it’s not that. I know him, he is little different than others. He is a thrill loving person. And he did not want everyone to know this exciting news so easily. Hence, he was little disturbed.” Defended Vijay.
“What do you mean…he doesn’t want it happen so easily…and why?”, Priya emphasized on easily.
“Because he wants to be sure of my capability, my competence. It’s quite obvious Priya. What’s wrong if a father wants to assess a boy, if his only daughter wants to get married to that person?”
“But Vijay…you have been selected and you have been working there for so long… under him… he should be totally confident and aware of your capability.”
“Oh.. Priya… by capability I do not mean technical talent… I mean how I react when odds are against me. And I will also prove to him that I am the best match for Nayana.”
“But this is not justified and acceptable at all… How could he treat you with this deadly assessment…and ….on top of that….you agree with him?”
Vijay laughed and said, “Oh Priya… rich people act different.”
Priya was not convinced at all.

Continuedd …

Original Novel by – Sunil Doiphode
English Version by – Mugdha Apte


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