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Significant difference –Chapter – 42 – Novel Illusion

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Vijay’s mother was cooking. Suddenly she saw Priya coming from the gate. Now-a-days Priya came to Vijay’s house with a free mind as his behavior for her was totally changed. On the contrary, he used to be waiting for Priya. It was quite obvious that Priya also liked that. Vijay had now realized the strength of their relationship.

“come… my child…” Vijay’s mother welcomed her.

Priya was happy to see satisfaction and happiness on Vijay’s mother’s face after a very long time. There was certainly a reason behind this happiness and it was sufficient for all of them. But unfortunately there was no one with Vijay’s mother who could celebrate it. Vijay’s sister was not in her senses and his father behaved as if the nothing mattered for him.

“Where is Vijay?” Priya asked.

“dear… I am very happy today.” mother said.

“Yes… anyone can guess it aunty…. Your expressions are speaking more than your words… and I am happy to see that.” Priya said.

“Today Vijay has stepped out of the house after a long time…. It’s your magic Priya… he behaves very normal now-a-days… he takes all the medicines also regularly.” Vijay’s mother was delighted.

Priya also could identify significant difference in Vijay’s behavior. Probably medicines were working well on him. And this positive effect only motivated him to be regular in his treatment. And now it was difficult to say whether it was medicine or his realization only which was helping him overcome the situation. Whatever it may be… Vijay was responding well to the treatment and was cooperating with the Doctor also.

“If he takes medicines regularly like this…. he will be cured very soon.” Priya chirped.

“May god bless you my child…” Vijay’s mother sounded grateful. She had seen something positive in her house after a very long time. Otherwise everything was going negative. And she wanted to celebrate this little thing also in her life.

Priya was busy with a patient in her clinic. But her entire attention was at the main door. The clock showed the time when Vijay used to come to her clinic every day. Now-a-days, he regularly visited her at her clinic. Suddenly she saw Vijay coming inside hurriedly.

“Priya … guess what… I am very happy today..” Vijay lifted Priya in joy.

“hey hey… Vijay … what happened… let me complete my work.” Priya sneaked at the patient and blushed.

“You don’t know Priya… how happy I am today.” He rested her down and said.

“Any blind also can make that out.. but let me know at least … what happened.”Priya asked.

“See this.” He handed over a letter to Priya and continued, “I have got a job.”

“Amazing… Congratulations! Show me…” Priya took the letter and said.

Actually it was Priya only who was behind Vijay’s success in getting a job… not directly but indirectly. Though medicines were helping him recover from the instability, but still Vijay was clueless about his future. Looking at the circumstances he had lost the last job in, it was absolutely impossible to get back into that. Priya had met Vijay’s boss and requested him to take Vijay back, but he was quite firm on his decision. In fact, now Nayana was married and besides she was not there in the office. It was not very difficult for him to take Vijay back. But revoking the termination order was now against his ego. And perhaps he did not want any grapevine regarding this; hence he did not take this chance.

Realizing this, Priya was contemplating option of searching for some other job. Vijay was adamant to work in the same town as it could have enabled him to stay with his family. But getting a job suiting his caliber was little difficult in that town. Hence, it was quite evident that he had to look for some relocation option. And Priya succeeded in convincing him the same and making him apply for other jobs.

She succeeded in driving away his insistence on staying in the same town and try for jobs outside. But he would have required a clean experience certificate for that. She tried for that also. She again met Vijay’s boss and requested him to give a clear experience certificate. She had to really persuade him for that. But she proved that if one is determined, the success comes his way. Moreover she had to manage everything without letting Vijay know this, as she wanted him to be away from these tensions.

Finally she was happy that what she had fought for, she achieved that. Vijay had to rise like a phoenix and start his life with a new beginning. And the best part was that he had got a suitable job in this town only… just he had to occasionally go on business tours.

Vijay was waiting for the bus at the stand. His bag was kept on his left, and on his right Priya was standing with a gloomy face. Vijay also looked little upset.

“It’s matter of just one month Priya… I can’t help… it’s my duty…” Vijay was consoling Priya.

“One Month…” Priya emphasized on one.. “You would not mind it… but I do.” Priya said.

Suddenly Vijay got an idea. “If you also accompany me….”, Vijay groped.

“No… Vijay… do you think my dad will allow me to come with you. He is already upset with our relationship.. and…..” Priya paused.

“He is also right… Priya…. Which father will let his daughter waste her entire life for a mentally unstable man like me…. Can you give him some fake reason and come?” Vijay was stuck to his request.

“Ok…. Do one thing… you go ahead. I will think of something. Further I have to make some alternate arrangement for my clinic also.” Priya chuckled.

Suddenly they saw bus arriving. Vijay lifted his bag and confirmed, “Sure…?”
Both of them headed to the bus.

“I can’t promise… because it all depends on how I can make arrangement for my clinic.. But I will try my best.” Priya said while accompanying him to the bus gate.

“Nothing doing…. You have to come. I will wait for you.” Vijay said, boarding the bus.

Bus departed. Vijay waived his hand out of the window and shouted, “I will wait for you.”

“Take your medicines regularly.” Priya reminded.

Vijay was leaving him and Priya stood there for quite a long time watching him go away from her.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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