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where are you going? - Chapter – 46 – Novel - Illusion

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Since the time Vijay had returned from Priya’s house, he was desperate to see her once. When Vijay was in difficulty, it was Priya who became her savior. But now when she needs him, he is away from her. This thought was very painful.

“How did she fall from the cliff? She was there with me…” Vijay was not able to juxtapose these two contradictory things. But this visit to Priya’s house forced him to accept the reality.

“She was in coma for 15 days… means the accident must have been terrible.”

“If I go and meet her once, it will be perhaps relaxing for… No one told me about this when I was on tour.…. If mother didn’t, at least Rajesh must have informed me.

But there was no point chewing things bygone. He was worried about Priya.

She had already lost her mother and his father also was not supportive… He sent him to her granny’s place.

Vijay hated Priya’s father. Previously her father used to behave very normal with Vijay, but as soon as he came to know about Priya’s feelings for him, he started hating him. And on top of it, Vijay was now suffering from mental illness and he was jobless also.

“Nothing doing… I need to ignore him now. I have to go to her granny’s place and meet her.”

But his mother would not have allowed him to go alone.

“Should I go to Rajesh once… But how will it help me? … He did not even bother to tell me about Priya’s accident.” Vijay was angry with Rajesh.

He needed to decide now about his further course of action. Meeting Rajesh would not have solved his purpose.

“It’s true that… people change with circumstances… except few of them… like Priya.”

A couple of days passed like this only. He kept thinking about Priya and happenings around. He was feeling suffocated with loads of thoughts. He did not want to go to office also. He just kept pondering on all the things that happened so far.

“What will I attain sitting here idle?” At last he decide to go to Priya’s granny’s place and started getting ready for the journey.

Suddenly his mother reached there, “where are you going now?”

“To meet Priya… to her granny’s place.” Vijay locked his bag and said.

“In this condition?” Mother asked.

Vijay did not say anything. But it was evident that he was quite determined to go.

“look… you are already unwell…” first she sounded irritated. Then she controlled herself and uttered in softer voice, “son… It’s not suitable for you to travel in such a condition.”

“Don’t worry mother… I am taking my medicines with me.” He said.

“Medicines… you took them when you went on tour also.” Mother was furious.

“No mother… I will take care of myself now. Didn’t you notice… I am regularly taking medicine after I came here.” Vijay picked up his bag and headed to go.

His mother was sure that no one could stop him from going.

“Wait…” his mother stopped him for a while and went inside to bring something.

Vijay stood in the door only. After a while his mother came and gave him a locket.

“Son… take this holy locket and wear it.” She helped him wear that locket.

Vijay did not believe on such things but for his mother’s satisfaction, he wore that.

“This holy locket will save you”, she tied a knot in the locket.

Poor lady could now rely on these things only. Her husband was never there to support her. And if she wanted to save this house, she had to play a vital and strong role in keeping everyone together. And if she was carrying out such a big responsibility, then she also needed a support system for herself.

Vijay did not utter a word.

“Should I leave?” Vijay asked.

“Take care of yourself... be regular in your medicines… take care of your food… if you don’t get anything hygienic, eat fruits only… be cautious of the water you drink… keep sufficient money with you.”

“Why do you repeat these things so many times… last time also you said this…” he was frustrated.

“yes.. I told you the same things… but what’s the use?” His mother again pointed towards his negligence in taking medicines.

Vijay wanted to avoid further argument on this issue. He lifted his bag and rushed to leave.

“just intimate in your father’s office…. once you reach there” She called in order to remind him.

“yes mother…” he answered and rushed. Though he agreed, but he knew that there was no point calling in his father’s office because he was never present there.

His mother was worried about him and she kept staring him go away from her.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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