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Wreckage – Chapter – 39 – Novel - Illusion

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Priya tried taking Vijay to Dr. Nadkarni’s clinic for treatment, but that attempt was a total failure. Dr. Nadkarni had called him second time for the course of treatment. But Vijay was not at all ready to go and see him. Moreover, he had reprimanded Priya and accused her of such harsh allegations. Priya had to listen to all his bitter talks. Vijay was not at all ready to accept that he has some psychiatric problem and that he badly needs doctor’s assistance. On the other hand, Priya was determined to help him and his family. However, she was unable to find any way out to arrange Vijay’s another sitting with Dr. Nadkarni.
But Priya was hopeful. She continued her own practice as she knew that she needs that money desperately. She needs it to save Vijay from wreckage. But could money only help?

One day Priya was busy with her patients in her clinic. Rajesh and his wife came there for a regular course of check-up.

“Please come in….. Rajesh… Kamal… please come.” Priya got up to welcome them.

Rajesh and his wife were sitting in front of Priya at her clinic. Changes in Kamal were quite apparent as pregnancy hormones took over her entire body.

“How are you? And how’s our sweet little baby…. he must not be bothering you as of now.” Priya observed Kamal’s belly and inquired.

“Bothering her? He doesn’t spare his father also…he kicks me some times.” Rajesh jumped in the conversation. This made Kamal go red in the face.

“Ok… come… let me check you once.” Priya indicated Kamal to go behind the curtain.

While the checkup was going on, Rajesh was observing Priya’s cabin. Last time when he came here, he took out an adorable picture of small kids from the wall… and that place was still vacant. Probably Priya must not have got time to replace it.

Truly, she couldn’t have been thinking about such meager things, when her entire life is shattered.
Vijay’s termination…. his mental status…. whatever was going on with Vijay was ruining Priya’s life also…. probably with greater intensity. This was because Priya loved Vijay. Even if Vijay didn’t know that, Rajesh was well aware about this fact.

While Rajesh was in these thoughts, Kamal and Priya came out and it broke his string.

“Nothing to worry…. but it’s unavoidable for you to come for a regular checkup. This way, we can take care of every small development happening inside you.” Priya said.

Kamal understood what Priya was pointing to. She clarified that she had gone to her mother’s place for few days in between, and thus she could not come for a checkup meanwhile.

“But you should have gone to some other doctor there.” Priya asked.

“Absolutely. We went to other doctor there and he also said that everything is normal.” Rajesh clarified.

“Then… its fine. I will prescribe some medicines. Take them regularly and come for checkups without fail. One more thing… you need to be happy always… avoid tensions. In fact, I should not be telling you all this specially.” Priya said.

“By the way, I always keep her happy and content… isn’t it?” Rajesh winked at his wife.
Kamal also responded with a cute blushing smile.

“Did you meet Vijay recently?” Priya asked Rajesh while writing the prescription.

No-one spoke for a while after Priya asked this. Suddenly a gloomy streak got into the air. Rajesh could not understand how to answer this question.

“Yes… I met him once…. but now-a-days he does not seem to be in his senses. God only knows what he means to say. He says that Priya is taking revenge on me….. I almost scolded him for that and clearly said that if he thinks so… I am not interested speaking to him anymore.” Rajesh said.

“Rajesh… after all he is our friend. Currently his mental health is not sound…. And we are the ones who need to understand his condition and help him. Priya tried to simplify things for Rajesh. Rajesh also accepted his mistake.

“Yes … I was rude with him… but frankly speaking, I can’t see his condition…. He is such an intelligent boy and he has to face such a disaster. Actually I was upset with his fate… but I vented on him only.” Rajesh snuffled.
Priya also got tears in her eyes, but she controlled herself. She pretended to have forgotten something behind the curtain but Rajesh knew that she is pacifying herself.

But soon Priya came out and said, “I am worried for a fact that though we know his condition and its cure, yet we are helpless. How should I take him in confidence and make him ready for the treatment?”

“I also tried to suggest him about the treatment…. But when I saw that he is not listening to me, I lost my control.” Rajesh said.

“At least he speaks to you…. but he has totally cut me…. Still I go to his house like a shameless.” Priya sighed.

“Then why don’t you take his mother into confidence… probably he will listen to his mother.” Rajesh’s wife, who was quiet for all this while, suggested.
Rajesh and Priya both first looked at her and then at each other.

“When Vijay started his sister’s treatment, he took his mother only into confidence. But now she also doesn’t seem to be of any help…” Priya was disheartened.

“At least we can meet her once and speak to her about this.” Rajesh suggested Priya.

As decided, the next day itself, Priya and Rajesh went to Vijay’s house in his absence. Both of them explained Vijay’s mother about his problem and its treatment. Vijay’s mother listened to them for a while, but after some time, suddenly she broke into tears. Perhaps, it was an end of her endurance.

“Dear… I understand what you are trying to say…. but my second child is also mentally ill. You can’t even think of what I am going through.” Vijay’s mother tried controlling herself.

“But Aunty… we need to face the situation.” Rajesh consoled her. “If he takes medicines regularly… he can be cured. Dr. Nadkarni has said so.”

“But dear…. look at his father…. he squanders all the money in liquor…. rest of the money goes in my daughter’s treatment… Vijay is also jobless now… I don’t understand what to do… What all I have to see now…. I don’t understand.” Vijay’s mother was sobbing.

“Aunty… don’t worry about money… leave that to me… I will manage…  you just make Vijay ready for the treatment.” Priya patted on aunt’s hand and consoled her.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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