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A long time passed in between. Priya was regularly visiting Vijay’s house. She had decided to proffer her whole life for Vijay’s family. And this very thing was daunting Priya’s father. It was indeed unwelcome for any father.

He tried to turn her away from her thoughts, at times with love and sometimes with admonishment, but she was steadfast on her decision. On the contrary, when she used to see her father opposing her anyway, she ensured not to come back home and stay at Vijay’s place only for next two or three days.

She again resumed her practice also and whatever she earned, she used to spend on serving Vijay’s family. It was not the money which bothered Priya’s father, but he was worried about her entire life ahead. He thought that Vijay came like a hurricane in Priya’s life which destroyed her to the core.

Despite all this, his father did not lose hopes. Whatever damage she had done to herself was enough, and she needed to come out of it now. But Priya was, as if against her father. At last her father decided to be a silent spectator to whatever happens in her life. As it is, she was a mature and was legally permitted to take her own decisions. He was now depending more on destiny. He had accepted completely that whatever is destined to happen, will happen. He could not have changed destiny’s decision.

One day Vijay’s father, drunk to the core, was taking a nap on a cot in the lawn. Vijay’s sister was sitting beside him in shabby state and was blabbering looking at the fence of the house. After Vijay died, she was waning. Vijay used to take care of her medicines and some or the other way followed the course strictly. Though Vijay was younger to her, but he was the only

person in house whom his sister used to listen to.

After Vijay’s demise, she had developed inconsistency in her behaviour. Sometimes she used to be fatally violent. Not only medicines, but she was irregular in eating also. Vijay’s mother, perhaps, had lost all the hopes and thus, was in her own world. Seeing this, Priya had taken all the responsibility of dealing with Vijay’s sister herself. But she had a long way to be successful in this.

Vijay’s mother was occupied with some thoughts and was mechanically cleaning vegetables. Suddenly she heard someone opening the main gate and entering their house. She turned to check and as expected it was Priya. Priya took vegetables from Vijay’s mother’s hand and she started doing that.

“How much will you do for us.. dear?... Vijay left us... alone… to suffer… but we have to face our sufferings ourselves only… why are you pulling yourself in this blaze.” Vijay’s mother was concerned about Priya.

Priya had guessed by the time that her father had come here and he must have berated Vijay’s mother. Her father had recently started this, thinking that this act of his could prompt Vijay’s mother to prohibit Priya from visiting their house. Priya knew this very well and hence she never reacted on Vijay’s mother’s such unusual behaviour at times. “Mom… I don’t know whether Vijay told you or not… When Vijay left for his tour for a month… after a couple of days I also went to meet him there…” Priya said cleaning the vegetables. “What?” Vijay’s mother was astonished.

“How is it possible?”

Vijay’s mother was surprised with her eyes wide open.

Priya continued, “We went to an old Shiva temple also and I prayed for something there… do you know what it was?”

Vijay’s mother was still staring at her.

Priya rested for a moment and then continued, “I prayed to get Vijay as husband forever.” Vijay’s mother got sad recollecting her son’s memories.

Then Priya sighed and continued, “I couldn’t marry him in this life… but I am quite sure that… I will get him as husband in my next life.”

Vijay’s mother denied believing Priya.

“There we roamed all around… waterfall… vrindavan garden… we enjoyed for entire 15 days… I can’t forget those moments for my entire life.”

Vijay’s mother was still in a denial state. Vijay also told the same thing after he returned from his tour.

“But how is this possible?”

Just after a couple of days when Vijay left for the tour, Priya met with an accident and she was in coma for next 15 days.

Then how was it possible. Her mind was busy solving the mystery.

“Hence… you do not take any tension… this is my responsibility … and I am doing the same.” Priya said.

Priya’s last word brought Vijay’s mother back to her senses.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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