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Ch-4: Where is she? (Novel-Zero)

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A fast moving white car abruptly stopped in front of the hospital, driver must be in double mind to stop or not. John,who was not in his usual uniform and not in usual mood too, got down. He went to the hospital lift carrying a bouquet of white flowers.
He entered the lift, pressed the button showing number 12. Lift closed and started to dash upwards. With the speed of the lift, his thoughts also started to speed up....

Why a circle might have been drawn on the wall? ...

Forensic tests had revealed the blood origin - as Sani’s....

The one who had drawn the circle, for sure, might have tried to say something...

May be Anjani has a clue about the killer...

Lift stopped, his thoughts also stopped. An electronic display ahead was showing the number 12. John came out through the partially opened door slit of the lift, as he did not have time to wait till the door could open fully. He went straight into the Ward ‘B’.John looked at the bunch of flowers he was holding and knocked the door gently. He waited for the response looking at the red letters carved at the top of the door in red color - room no. B2. There was no response from within. He knocked the door again, this time little harder. Still no response! Confused and worried he looked around in the corridor. Now he started banging the door.

What happened?...

She was in this room...
She was not supposed to be discharged so early...

Where she would have gone?...

Was there any mishap?...

His heart started beating fast. He looked around again. There was a help counter at the end of the corridor.

I must ask there?...

He hurried to the counter.

“Excuse me” He tried to get nurse’s attention who was standing behind the counter. Nurse continued, without paying attention, probably it was the effect of the number of people enquiring daily.

“ In B2 there was a patient... Anjeni Carter... Where is she... Is she discharged... But she was not to be discharged so early I suppose... There is nobody ... “ John was not ready to stop.

“ Wait a minute... wait... Which room did you say?” Nurse interrupted him.

“B2” John took a breathe.

Nurse opened the file and started searching, moving her index finger over the index, may be that is why it is called as index finger. As she found the page number, she started turning over pages of the file.

“ B2... Mrs. Anjeni Carter...” Nurse confirmed stopping on a page.

“ Yes ...” John confirmed back.

John was trying to catch expressions from her expressionless face. John was getting annoyed over her undue calmness.

“ Sorry ... Mr....?” She looked at him to get his introduction.

“ John...” He was not in a mood to introduce himself fully. He was keen to know about Anjeni.

“ Sorry Mr. John... Sorry for inconvenience... She has been shifted to room B23...”
John felt relieved.

“ Actually... B2 was too congested... so on her request...” Nurse was giving explanation.
John left for B23 before nurse could complete her explanation.

(to be contd...)

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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