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Ch-6: Blank Mail..(Novel-Zero)

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In the dim moon light Command1 and Command2 were sitting on the terrace. A laptop was kept in front of them. They were taking small swigs of Whisky in between. Command1 was swiftly giving commands to the computer, keying the number of keys per second, which was almost impossible to count by mere observing.
“ Hey ... What are you doing?” Command2 asked curiously.
“ You know this freak police officer John is working on our case “ Command1 said still continuing his swift keying.
“ So?”
“ We should know what exactly is going on in his dumb little mind”
“But how could we know what’s going on his mind?” Command2 wondered.
“ Look, now he is online.. I am sending this mail to him, which will break his password” Command1 said coolly.
“ But how?”
“ Patience.. patience...” Command1 pressed a ‘send’ button and said, “ Look, when he will open this mail, he will get a message ‘Session Expired’ ... And he will enter his password again, which in fact will be captured by our program, and will be duly sent to us” Command1 exhibited a criminal like smile.

“ What a mind!” Command2 could not stop to praise him; he kept his whisky glass aside.
“ Gradually... you will also learn all this “ Command1 gave an assuring tap on his back.
“ Why should I worry .. When I have a ‘Guru’ like you?” Now Command1 seemed to be exaggerating. In an attempt to show over excitement he happened to push a whisky glass kept aside, tried to save, but in vain, finding 4-5 broken glass pieces on the floor. He began to pick up the pieces. Command1 glanced at what his associate is doing and continued with his laptop.
“ Oooh...” Command2 cried.
“ What happened” Command1 asked.
“ Finger cut” he showed him the cut finger, which was cut with one of the glass pieces, he was picking up.
“ Be brave .. Don’t act like a kid” Command1 said in little scolding tone and got absorbed again in his work on computer.
Command2 picked up the glass pieces with his bleeding hand, put it in a polythin bag lying nearby, knotted the polythin bag and threw it behind in the bush.
Suddenly they heard a mail buzzer.
“ Has he opened? ... seems to be in great hurry to get his password broken...” Command1 opened the email. It was blank. He suddenly put off his laptop.
“ What’s wrong?” Command2 asked.
“ He is not a foolish as we thought... he seems to be suspecting” Command1 said.
“ May be his password is blank, as the email is blank” Command2 gave his opinion.
“ Mr. Command2 .. for your kind information.... Email password is never blank” Command1 said in his special tone.
“ But why did you shut down the computer so hurriedly” Command2 asked curiously.
“ You know, if he is suspecting, he definitely will try to trace us”
“ Oh ... I see”
Command1 got up, picking his Whisky glass.
“ We should not sit in wide open sky” Command2 said in concern, at the same time changing the topic.
“ Why?” Command1 took a swig and said.
“ No ... I heard that American satellite can see on the earth up to 10 by 10 inch clearly ... I mean, if it’s a truth, we can also be caught.”
Command1 was taking a walk around the terrace, stopped suddenly, and broke into a loud laughter.
“ What’s wrong”  Command2 asked surprisingly.
“ You know these Americans are expert in making propaganda and havoc... if their satellites can see clearly up to 10 by 10 inches then why can’t they catch Osama?... Yes … it’s right in some cases, there is no match for their technology... but with a single truth they push 10 lies... You know that is what called as sugarcoating.”
“ Sugar coating?”
“ You know during World War-II why Hitler’s army fought till the last minute?”
Command2 simply looked puzzled at him.
“Hitler had made a propaganda that there will be entry of a missile V2 soon in their army... And had it come in their army, they could have ruled the world too” Command1 said.
“ Then was their army equipped with it?’’ Command2 asked.
“ It would have come, if it existed”
“ What?”
“ He had just made a propaganda”.
Command1 pushed the computer button to start it.
“ Why are you starting now.. He may trace us again” Command2 expressed his concern.
“ No he will not... Now we will get different IP address... “ Command1 was waiting for the computer to start.

By this time the computer was on, and a message popped up at the right corner of the monitor. It was an email.
“ It’s Boss” Command1 said while opening it.
As he went through it, he called out “ Command2”
“ Yes”
“ We have been instructed for the next mission” Command1 said, while reading it.
Command2 arched over his shoulder to see what is written in the mail.

(To be contd...)

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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