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Ch 7- Heart beats again (Novel-Zero)

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John was going in his car. From the hospital, doctors had informed him about Anjeni’s discharge from the hospital. Probably she is at her home, he thought. According to the doctor, now she was completely fit medically, but would require some time span to recover mentally and emotionally.
Sani’s postmortem reports had come to John. He wished to talk about it with Anjeni. He could have talked about it on phone, but he was feeling eager to meet her again. More he controlled his desire to meet her, more intense it  became. When he had artificially breathed her with his mouth, he didn’t feel anything special about it. But now the touch of his lips with her smooth lips was flashing through his mind again and again. Suddenly ‘ kkkrash...’’ he applied the brakes, turned the car and rushed on the road with full speed - towards Anjeni’s apartment.

John’s car halted at the base of Anjeni’s apartment. He turned the vehicle in parking lot. There he just kept sitting in the vehicle for a while, struggling with his heart and mind. Coming to some conclusion, at last he got down, went to lift decisively. He entered the open lift. Lift door closed and it rushed upwards.
Lift halted; it was number 10 visible on the lift display. As door opened, John came out without waiting for the door to open completely. He went to Anjeni’s closed flat door, loitered there for a while. As he was about to press a doorbell, the door opened. Anjeni stood in the open door, looking at John’s blushed face, “Yes ?” She said laughing naughtily. It was first time, he saw her laughing so candidly.

“ No .. Its nothing... Actually……. I came to ask you in connection with the case... I mean…….. I want to ask” John fumbled but managed to speak, laughed nervously, still unable to erase the ‘caught’ expressions on his face.

“ Ooh... I see... Come in please” Anjeni said mischievously, still unable to control her laughing.

She took him in and closed the door.

John and Anjeni were sitting in the drawing room.

“According to postmortem report... Sani was shot in the chest, right in the heart... therefore there is rare chance that he had drawn that circle...” John presented his guess.

“ It means the circle must have been drawn by the bloody killer” Anjeni said.

She thought for a while and continued, “But what does he try to imply by drawing it?”

“ That's the puzzle and we still feel … its unsolved...” John said.

“ If we check with the past records... there is possibility that a similar murder has been executed in the past.” Anjeni said excitedly.

“We have already checked with... there is no such case” John said with gloomy face.

Suddenly John’s mobile rang; he attended it, “ Yes Sam”

John heard him for a while and suddenly stood up, “ What?”

Anjeni looked at him in confusion.

" I will come back soon" John darted towards the door, keeping back his mobile in the pocket.

When he crossed the door Anjeni heard him saying, " I will meet you later... I need to go, its urgent"

Before Anjeni could go to the door and say something John disappeared..

( be contd..)

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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