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Ch-2:The sky falls (Novel-Zero)

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When Anjeni turned her car in the parking lot, she saw the police Van parked there, which she had seen before, during shopping. Her heart beat increased; what would have happened? Was there something wrong in the apartment? She quickly got down, approached the lift carrying her shopping bags. As she reached the lift, it opened and two policemen came out. She became more nervous, looking at their hurried and strange movements. She entered the lift and pressed the button on which number 10 was written.

As Anjeni came out of the lift on 10th floor, she found people gathered around her open flat door. She felt her limbs going numb. Shopping bags fell  down from her hand. She rushed through the crowd.

“What happened?’’ She enquired.

Nobody answered; they started staring at her empathetically. She entered the flat, finding the police crowded around the bedroom. She headed towards  the bedroom.

“What happened?’’ she asked one of the policemen.

Avoiding her gaze, he looked towards the bedroom with gloomy face. When she entered the bedroom, she was shocked looking at the scene inside. Her husband’s badly injured body was lying on the bed, in pool of blood. She found as if the whole bedroom was revolving around her, she fainted and fell down.

Last aggrieved word that came out of her mouth was -‘’ Sani...’’

John immediately came forward to support her, seeing her falling down. He tried to get her back to normal, but he found her unconscious.  Probably her breath was also lost.

John ordered Alex, standing next to him  “Call the doctor immediately ... I think she is under a shock ”

Alex promptly went to the phone kept in the corner and started dialing a number.
John was not able to figure out what to do next.  It was required to do something before doctor comes.

 “Sir... I think she needs artificial breathing ...” somebody suggested.

John started to pump air into her mouth through his mouth. In between, he used to press her chest counting 101,102,103 to regain her breath. He repeated the cycle twice or thrice . He was worried to find that she was not showing any signs of regaining her breath. To give a last try he pumped air again in her mouth and pressed her chest counting 101,102,103…..

Anjeni was admitted in the hospital in intensive care unit. Outside the ICU, John and one of his associates were waiting eagerly for ICU door to open.  The ICU door opened and a doctor came out. John went to him attentively.

“ She is out of danger.. nothing to worry” doctor said removing the green mask from his face .

John felt relieved. Before he could ask anything, his mobile rang. John checked its  display and attended, “Yes Sam”

“ Sir we searched him everywhere but we could not find him” Sam answered  from other side.

“ Could not find... How long it took when we started to search him after we saw him?... he would have been nearby somewhere...” John said.

“ No sir, ... probably he changed his clothes immediately... because we had intimated about him in every police station nearby...”

“ Ok... now start for his sketch... we must get him...” John instructed.

“ Yes sir” Before John could hear the reply, he disconnected his mobile and said “ Ok doctor... we take your leave... take care of her... and in case you face any problem, inform us immediately...’’

“ Ok” doctor said.

John turned to leave .

He abruptly stopped and instructed his associate, “ find out her relatives if any...and inform them.

“Yes sir” the associate said.

(...  contd...)

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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