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Ch 10- My God! (Novel-Zero)

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The technical team was gathered around Huyana’s corpse. John and Sam decided to leave the room not to obstruct the team. In the hall also, some of their team members were on the job. Dan, one of their team members, was busy searching other rooms for possible evidences. Suddenly Dan’s mobile vibrated. Dan looked at the display, it was not a known number. Dan pressed the red button, deciding not to attend it.
After some time Dan’s mobile vibrated again, this time it was an SMS and the number was the same.
He opened the message,
‘’ Dan pick up the bloody phone... it’s important for you!”

Dan pondered over it. Whose phone is this? What’s that which is important than this investigation. Dan opened his phone diary with an intention to check the number, suddenly the mobile vibrated again.
Dan attended it to hear,
“I know you are now in Huyana Philikin’s flat... immediately go to the place where nobody can hear or notice you."

Anjeni and John were sitting in the hall.

“ I have inferred some important things from these two murder cases..” John said.

“ Which one?”

“ First of all... we can categorize the killer as an intellectual “ John said.

“ What does it mean?”

“ That is he must be a professor, a scientist, a mathematician or something like that...” John elaborated.

“ What makes you to think that?”

“ Because of his passion for zero... but still I am clueless about what he wants to imply with those equations?”

“ May be, he wants to suggest that he is going to murder 6 victims”

“May be” John said, still absorbed in his thoughts.

“ Look in these photographs, if you find something odd or worth mentioning...” John handed over the photographs taken at the murder scene to Anjeni.

“One thing is clear” John said, looked at the Anjeni’s curious face and continued, “ ... that both of the murders are executed on 10th floor..”

“ Yes ... you are right... I never noticed the thing” Anjeni said, and continued going through the rest of the photographs. John was observing her face expressions, while she was going though the photographs.

Suddenly an astonishment crept over her face, “ John….. look... look at these photographs” Anjeni said, holding two photographs side by side in front of John .

John looked at those photographs and the words came out through his open mouth were, “ My God!”

He stood up, probably ready for the next course of action.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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