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Ch-12A First Date (Novel-Zero)

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Pondering over the case facts again and again John was frustrated. After two brutal murders, still the killer was free, without any traces. Wherever John used to go for investigation, the media used to appear with their bombard of questions, the questions with no answers, at least at this stage of investigation. The situation was, he had nothing to speak to outsiders, and lot more to speak to insiders, among whom one was a sure traitor. Somebody had leaked the news of some traitor, sitting inside, to the press.

“Who is next?”

“The police themselves are unreliable, how can they catch the culprit?”

“For how many murders the police is going to wait?”

were the recent headlines in the newspapers, which created havoc in the city. Now the people were doubting integrity of the police. And this all was not the end of problems, as the superiors were pressurizing John for immediate results. He was feeling sick of all these. He looked outside the window, it was getting dark. Suddenly a thought came, he dialed a number.

“What are you doing?” he talked over the phone.

“ Who?... John!” Anjeni’s excited voice came from other side.

“How are you?” He was pleased to know that she recognized his voice.

“Just OK..." She said with sad deep tone.

He was feeling guilty of asking this unwanted question. He was thinking of something to speak which would cheer her up again.

“ Did you get something regarding the killer?” Anjeni asked from other side.

“ To escape from this query, I actually gave you a ring you, and you are asking the same” He said.

“ No ... I thought, you rang after a long time.... there must be some progress” Anjeni said.

“ As such there is no much progress... ... Actually I gave you a ring to... What’s your program in the evening?” John asked the ‘real’ question.

“ No, nothing special” Anjeni responded.

“Then do one thing... get ready quickly, I will catch you within half an hour... we will go for dinner” He insisted.


“ No buts excuses... I am joining you within half an hour” John disconnected before she could say anything.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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