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Ch-13 Picture of Zero... (Novel-Zero)

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This Novel in English

Lovers in couples were striding along the road and enjoying the dark and chilling cold night. On the other side of the road, on the top, there was a lavish lovely hotel, particularly meant for such couples. Electric bulbs in the city were looking like the stars spread everywhere, as it was the highest point in the city. On the opposite side of the road at the base of the hill there was that oval shaped lake. The bulbs around the lake were looking like the queen's necklace, the reflection of those lights in the lake water made it more attractive. In such an environment, there was an odd couple - Command1 and Command2, engrossed in deep discussion, sitting in the corner. A limousine stopped by the hotel. . Command1 and Command2 stopped their discussion as they saw John and Anjeni getting down the limousine. They kept spying sitting in the dark, as they were not visible to John and Anjeni.
Anjeni and John sat in the corner in the big open hall.

" What you would like to take... drinks?" John inquired.

" Nope... You can take if you want..." Anjeni said.

" No... then I will also not prefer ... For dinner... what you will prefer"

" Whatever ... " Anjeni said.

" Chinese ?"

Anjeni nodded affirmatively.

" First we will order soup... corn soup..?" John again inquired.

Again she nodded affirmatively. John placed his mobile on the table and looked around for the waiter.

" It seems ... you come here regularly" Anjeni said, just as a filler, not to break the conversation.

" Ya... I come here regularly... but first time with a date" he said naughtily.

Anjeni smiled sweetly. John gave the order to the waiter who just came and waited by their table.

" Now how is your health... went recently to the doctors? " John inquired about her health.

" It's OK... Yesterday I went to the doctor... but what else he can treat ... I am just not getting how to come out of this deadlock of grief..." Anjeni said.

A sad expression again crept over her face.

" Time... time is the best medicine for grief... But again people just advice... the real stroke of the grief is experienced by the one who goes through.... “John gently kept his soothing hand on hers.

" Time... yes time... but how much?" Anjeni sighed deeply.

" Did you start again to go to work?" John asked.

" No... I am not able to concentrate in anything right now... then what will I do there? " She said.

" Listen .. from tomorrow you start going to work... it's very important for you to get engaged in the work... if we keep ourselves engaged in work, we forget the grief gradually" John advised her.

" Let's see.. If you say...I will try it too" she said.

She held his hand, kept over hers, “These days... really you supported me very much" she held his hand tightly.

Suddenly John saw a vehicle running on the road through the window. On the back side glass of the window a picture of blood drawn zero was glued. John immediately got into action.

"You just wait" said, John and ran outside the hotel.

Confused Anjeni looked outside; but by that time the vehicle disappeared. She got up and started to follow John. But by that time John’s vehicle ran on the road, and then got disappeared. Anjeni looked at his disappearing vehicle standing on the steps, not sure of what to do next.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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