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Ch-14 Chase (Novel-Zero)

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John was chasing the vehicle, running ahead, speedily. There was a blood drawn ‘Zero’ glued on the rear glass of the car.  As the distance between the vehicles reduced, John could see the vehicle ahead clearly. He raised his accelerator. Within a short span he almost reached the vehicle. But what’s this? As soon as he reached the vehicle ahead, the driver at once  increased his speed and again the distance between them went on increasing. John was not going to let it go this way; he also pressed his accelerator hard. The chase seemed to be a race now. As such there was almost no traffic on the road. At this time, only these two vehicles were visible. As John felt that he could make it, he increased the speed. Within seconds, his vehicle reached very near to the vehicle ahead. John removed a revolver from his pocket and aimed. He was about to fire, when suddenly he heard the crashing sound of the brakes of the vehicle ahead. John’s vehicle was right behind it, with an uncontrollable speed. Since the driver ahead applied brakes, John also had to apply. He applied his brakes as hard as he could. In an attempt to avoid a collision his vehicle took uncontrolled zigzag turns, got down the road and stopped. He felt relieved that he could save a terrible accident. But his relieved expressions could not last long, as he saw the other vehicle coming speedily towards him. He tried hard to come out of the vehicle quickly, but by that time the other vehicle dashed his vehicle and went away. John tried to come out of this shock, when he found that the bullets were being fired at him from the running vehicle. The vehicle drove speedily and disappeared.

John tried to start his car, but in vain. Lastly, he hobbled out of the vehicle and found that the other vehicle was going out of his reach. Frustrated, he thumped hard on his car bonnet.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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  1. Don't worry the story will end and you will enjoy the end. (apprx. within one and half month)


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