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Ch-16 : Love (Novel-Zero)

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Anjeni took John to his quarter supporting him.

“ I see... that means they attacked you... Now it’s very risky for you to be alone without protection.. you should take care of yourself” Anjeni concluded.

“ No ... they never attacked me... if they would have decided they could have killed me today... but they did not” he said while approaching the quarter, taking her support.
“ They did shoot on you” Anjeni wanted to confirm.

“Yes... but all bullets around me... not a single bullet even passed close to me... they could have fired getting down their vehicle..” John inferred.

“ OK leave it... you are not seriously injured, that’s most important” She said comforting him.

“They tried to just provoke me.. it seems they want to give as much publicity to the serial killing as possible” John expressed his opinion.

“ But why?” Anjeni asked in surprise.

“ That’s the puzzle I am stuck in” John tried to open his flat with a key in his injured hand.

Anjeni took the key from him and opened the flat.
John was lying on the bed, with his shirt removed. Though it did not seem, he was injured at places, evident with red swelling marks. Anjeni applied the medicine wherever there were injuries and gave him a rubber bag filled with hot water.

"OK... I take your leave... you better take rest... its late too..." Anjani kept her soothing hand on his shoulder.

As she turned to go, John held her hand kept on his shoulder. She turned and looked at him, with blushing face. John was looking into her eyes; she was also unable to avert her eyes. Both hearts were pounding. John pulled her to him. Now they were so close that they could feel each other's warm breaths and increased heartbeats. John gently placed his hot lips on her shuddering lips and hugged her into a tight embrace. John remembered the moments when he had artificially breathed her; he had placed his lips similarly on her lips. But that time and now it was so different. The action was same but the emotions had given it the totally different meaning. They were kissing uncontrollably each other's lips, neck, and cheeks.... John caressed gently her breasts pounding up and down due to long breaths.

" Anjeni ... I love you so much"

" I too" she responded squeezing tightly into him.

" Oh... aha" John cried with pain.

" What's wrong?" she said separating herself from him.

" It's nothing... just you happened to press the injury on my back" He said.

" I am sorry" she said blushing.

He laughed and pulled her again in his embrace. She also laughed, kissing him. Then slowly and gently they started to make love.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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