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Ch-17 : Boss rings (Novel-Zero)

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This Novel in English

Command1 was working on computer, beside him was Command2, relaxed, with a glass of whisky in his hand.

“We should have crushed him” Command2 said, taking a big swig.

“ You know.. It’s very important to keep him alive” Command1 was typing on the computer swiftly.

The phone kept aside, rang, Command1 picked it, still continuing his work on computer,

There was no response from other side.

“Hello.. who’s this?” Command1 checked the number on the phone display.

But the display was blank, which generally does not happen, he got concerned.

Leaving the work on the computer he concentrated on the phone, “ Hello..”

“ Boss speaking” a voice came, interrupting him.

“ b..b..Boss?” he struggled to speak, got up suddenly from the chair, his hands trembling.
He began to sweat; a streamlet of sweat came down from behind his ear. Command2 was surprised, kept his glass aside, got up from his chair, as he never saw Command1 in such a frightened condition. He never heard of Boss calling somebody directly. He used to communicate his commands through internet. Why he would have called today?

“Who authorized you to hit John?” the harsh voice filtered though some electronic instrument came from other side.

“B..Boss ... we did not hit to kill him...” Command1 tried to explain.

“ Shut up ... idiot ... you know... there is no place for the people doing things without authority...” Boss snapped back.

“ S.. Sorry Boss... I apologize.. will not repeat such mistake” Command1 was apologizing again.

“ You know ... the time was fortunately good for you, therefore you survived.. had you been 45 minutes here or there ... no body could have saved you” Still boss was fuming.

Command2 came near and ducked his head in to hear what was going on.

“ I am really sorry Boss” Command1 was repeatedly apologizing.

“ This is your first mistake... and see that it is the last... got it?” Boss warned.

“ Yes sir.. yes..”

The phone was slammed back before Command1 could complete.
Command1 kept back the phone, clearing sweat from his face. He tried to wipe out his expressions.

" It seems, Boss didn't like it" Command2 said.

" We should not have done it without his consent" Command1 said.

" Oh come on... lets forget it... we will take care now on" Command2 tried to console him.

" This is the first time he phoned me... I suspected there is something serious when he phoned." Command1 said filling his whisky glass.

Command2 also took his glass kept aside and sat in front of him. Command1 took big swigs, as if trying to drink his insult.
Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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