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Ch-18 : Command2's plan (Novel-Zero)

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Command2 know that it's the right time...

... to make Command1 to spill out the secrets...

He accompanied him to take swigs of whisky and waited for him to get him sufficiently drunk. After some time, Command1 lost his control. Command1 took the advantage of the situation, shooting at him series of questions..

" Command1... can you tell me one thing?"

Command2 purposefully took a long pause to judge the condition of Command1.

" One thing?... you can ask me two things...three things... that many things you want..." Command1 raved.

Taking care that he should not see, Command2 could not stop laughing abhorrently at Command1, seeing his pitiful condition.

" The time fortunately was good for you ... had  you been 45mins here or there, nobody could have saved you... why did Boss say that?... I didn't get it" Command1 fired the first query.

" You are too new to understand this ... its a long story" Command1 was now out of control and out of his character.

Does he need more stimuli? Command2 thought, sat on the computer and opened an old message sent by Boss.

" Look... once Boss sent this message ... in it he said On 11th at night 3 to 4 is suitable time for you and 4 to 7 is dangerous time for you... It seems he is superstitious " Command2 was trying to make him more free.

" He is not superstitious... he has faith in it ... till now his prediction  has never been wrong" Command1 said.

" It could be a coincidence " Command2 tried to provoke him more.

" It's not a coincidence... he has one such thing, with the help of which he can know in advance, which time is better for what thing."

Now Command1 was coming to the point.

" I don't believe" Command2 used his last weapon.

" No body could believe..."

" You are inferring from these few things or you have more evidences?" Command2 interrupted him.

" There are so many things which support this... Boss has so much of money... Where from it came? Its not a joke to run this big an organization...and he runs on his own money" Command1 provided the information.

" How come?"

" Using a science he has... which share will rise which time, he knows in advance... and they say that he never had loss in it" Still Command1 was not talking openly.

" Science? which science he has?" Command2 asked curiously.

" Wait a sec" Command1 filled his whisky glass again.

" And where from he achieved this science?" Command2 was asking more questions impatiently.

Command2 was now eager to hear the whole information.

" Wait... I will just tell you" Command1 got up.

Showing his little finger he said, " Wait a minute... I’ll just come back"

Command1 hobbled to the bedroom.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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