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Ch-19 : Plan fails? (Novel-Zero)

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Command2 was too eager to hear which secret information Command1 has. He was strolling around the computer, waiting impatiently for him.

Why he is taking so much of time to come out?

Did he go directly somewhere else from the bedroom?

Command2 was concerned now, got up and went to the bedroom to see him. As he went to the bedroom, he found the bedroom door pulled inside. He peered in pushing the door gently, to find Command1 was lying on the bed in deep sleep.
Command2 felt like the mouthful, reaching his mouth, has been taken away. Somehow he agreed to tell the secrets, which he would definitely not tell when he is in his senses. He went to him, rolled him to wake him up, but in vain. He was not only in deep sleep but was also badly knocked out. Command2 tried for a while and then left. He thought for the alternative-

Even though he is asleep, I should see what else I could do...

Command1 must have hidden the information, which he was about to disclose... I should try to find it...

Most of the time in this house, Command1 accompanied Command2. Now he was alone.

I should take advantage of this loneliness...

He decided to hunt the whole house.

Definitely I will find something important..

Command2 started with bedroom. Without making noise he was raking through the bedroom. There was nothing, which could prove to be important. Then he raked through the rest of the house. He was disappointed to find nothing.

Suddenly he recollected...

What a freak I am.. I should have done it first.. Command1 had left his computer on...

Immediately he got into action, went to the computer. The computer was not only on; Command1’s mailbox was also open. A triumphant smile crept over his face. He sat on the chair in front of the computer and without wasting time, he started to check Command1’s mails. There were so many and he had no time. He was going through them quickly. He could find nothing, which could be useful to him. Suddenly, while going through one of the mails, his triumphant expressions came back. The mail contained the information probably Command1 would have told him today. Quickly he went through the mail, removed the pen drive from his pocket, and inserted it in the USB drive. He copied the mail including attachments. Then with leisure he started to go through it, sometimes with whispered eyes or sometimes with an eerie smile.  

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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