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Ch-20 : Boss sends message (Novel-Zero)

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After finishing, Command2 got up from the computer, with satisfaction on his face. He not only stored the complete information into his mind, into his heart but also into his thumb drive. As soon as he turned to leave, the computer buzzer rang. He went to the computer; it was Boss’s mail for Command1. He opened the mail. He opened the attachment attached to it. It was again a Madonna’s sexy picture.

Boss seems to be mad about her... He thought.

He opened the message; by this time he had learnt pretty well from Command1 how to extract the message from the picture. It was about the next mission, who is next and when to execute the murder. Today it was 15th and for next murder boss had given 17th. It was mentioned in the mail that on 17th, at night 1 to 3 would be a suitable time. It was also mentioned that 16th is not suitable rather most dangerous to execute this task. Command2 copied the whole message to one file, for it used to vanish once opened, boss had programmed it that way. Command2 closed the mail. Message was destroyed now. Suddenly Command2 got up from his chair, like a flash of some stormy thought crossed his mind. He started to stroll around the computer restlessly. It was evident that there was something strange going on his mind. Lastly he stopped, sat on the chair, kept in front of the computer, and he seemed to be arrived at some decision.

He decided to change the Boss's message...

He opened the file to edit the message, glanced around, pondered over his decision, finalized it and started to edit the message. The suitable time given for the murder was 17th in the night 1 to 3. He changed it to 16th in the night 1 to3. In the message, it was mentioned that the whole day 16th was dangerous. He changed it to 17th. The time, which was mentioned suitable, he swapped the dangerous and suitable timings.

Why did he do it?

What was going on his mind.. it was really difficult to tell.

Probably he was suspicious about his Boss's prediction capabilities and he wanted to check whether the prediction proves right or wrong.

What if it turns out to be right?

In that case it was risky for both of their lives. But I must find some way out...

He was thinking.

Lastly he decided that he would not go with Command1 this time. Making some excuse he would make Command1 to go alone.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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