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Ch-23 : Happy birth Day. (Novel-Zero)

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This Novel in English

Anjeni was in deep sleep. While sleeping, her sweet innocent face was looking more attractive. Suddenly the door bell rang. Half asleep, she rolled around. Again the bell rang. Squinting her eyes she got up, peered outside the window. Still it was too dark. She yawned and looked at the watch; it was just a couple of minutes to 12.

Who it would be, so late in the night?

She got down the bed, bundling up her long hair. She went to the door, straightening up the wrinkles from her night cloths. She peered through the keyhole, could not see anything since it was dark in the corridor. She chained the door, opened the latch and peered through making a narrow slit. It was John.

So late, why would have he came?

“ John!.... So late?” she opened the door.

John smiled and came in, keeping both his hands behind, probably hiding something. As soon as he entered, he held a big bouquet of flower in front of Anjeni revealing from behind.

“ Happy Birth Day to you...” He held her up with his other hand.

“ Happy Birth Day to you Anjeni..”

“ Happy Birth Day to you...”

He was dancing around holding her.
Anjeni looked at the wall piece, it was a little over midnight  and it was showing 16th August, her birthday. Her eyes spearkled.

“How do you come to know?” She said, looking at him tenderly.

“ Madam, don’t forget I am a police officer and I had all your records with me..” John smiled.

“ Oh John... thank you?” She pecked over his chick.

John took her in tight hug and let her feet rest on the floor. Then they engrossed themselves in the deep mouth kiss.

“ Were you asleep?” John asked her.

“ Yeah ” She said.

“ Its not right... you are here in sound sleep ... and there I am spending sleepless nights because of you”

“ Me? ... How come”

“ Yeah... half the sleep is ruined by your endless dreams and the other half by the killer.” John laughed.

Anjeni pretended to laugh, as mere mention of the killer, reminded her of Sani.
By now they walked towards the bedroom, holding each other by waist.

“ Like to have something? ... Tea? Coffee?”

“ Would love to ... but not Tea or Coffee”

“ Then?” She asked naughtily knowing his intention.

He kissed her passionately and collapsed over the bed with her. They rolled all over the bed kissing one another passionately. Suddenly, Anjeni took Johns face in her hands and stared at him intensely, again with welled eyes.

“ What’s wrong?” John soothingly tapped on her back.

She did not speak.

“ Its about Sani?” John asked caressing her.

“ Its really strange... Who are you, Where from... comes in my life and prevents my collapsing life by supporting me... everything as if predestined ...” her tears rolled down her face.

John passionately held her in his tight hug.

“ Don’t worry... gradually everything is going to be fine...” He tried to console her.

Keeping her head on John’s chest, Anjeni was continuously and tenderly staring at his face, her hands playing with his chest hairs. John was also felt immersed in her eyes, as if their eyes locked. John’s hands, which were caressing her back and playing with her long hair, now slowly start playing with her smooth body. She also in return kissed him all over. John pulled her up from his chest with his strong hands. She started to unbutton his shirt. John too removed her cloths. Within next few minutes they both were bare. John looked at her body with anticipation. Eager to unite with her soul, he bent over her, when his mobile rang. He stretched his hand to pick it up. It was Sam, as he saw on the display. He decided not to attend, pushed the red button and kept back the mobile. Again they tried to return in the previous mood when the mobile rang again.

Irritated, he picked it up, “ Yes Sam... What’s up?” John said annoyed.

“ Sir the third murder has been executed” Sam’s voice came from other side.

“ What?” John abruptly got up, searched for his clothes.

“ We are on the way... Somebody had informed in the police station” Sam said from other side.

“ What’s the address?” John was trying to wear his clothes at the same time.

“ South Avenue, Prince Apartments 1004... Utina Hopper” voice came from the other side.

“ What? This time too a lady! Well ... you proceed with the team.. I will quickly join you there “ John disconnected the phone, wearing his clothes.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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