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Ch-24 : Utin Hopper (Novel-Zero)

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The light in the bedroom was dim; somebody slept on the bed, could be seen. A dark black shadow entered the room, slowly and cautiously. It looked around in the bedroom, searched for something, probably the bulb switch, on the wall near the door. After rummaging around, he found the electric board. It started trying the switches on the board, one by one. It did not require to try many, as one of the few switches illuminated the room and the shadow entered in the bedroom. A glimpse of happiness could be seen on its face - the triumph to find the right switch. In fact finding the switch was very nominal as compared to the job for which it had come.

But human nature is strange...

He does not want to leave a single chance to be happy ...

Yes... his definition of happiness may differ...

He derives happiness from the right deeds..

But again his definition of righteousness may differ...

The evil deed in the other’s view may be right according to him...

The shadow entered the bedroom was none other than Command1. As the bedroom got illuminated, the lady sleeping on the bed woke up and was astonished to find Command1 standing right in front of her, aiming pistol at her. She was trembling with
fear and before she let out a loud shriek, Command1 fired at her. A silencer must have been fitted to the pistol, for it did not make any loud sound other than just a thud of the lady's body collapsing down. Her mouth, opened for scream, remained open.
Command1's face beamed with content.

" Miss Utin Hopper ... I am sorry. It was destined to be your end. .. I was just an instrument..." He was speaking to himself.

Immediately, he removed a knife from his right pocket, stabbed her dead body till the knife got daubed with her fresh warm blood. Then he started writing on the wall ahead with her blood. He drew a big zero and before he could write more he heard the police vehicle siren approaching. Command1 peered out of the window. The sound was still coming from far end. He quickly dipped the knife in Utin's blood and continued his writing.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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