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Ch-26 : Rishi (Novel-Zero)

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At the base of the Himalayas Valley, in a cave, the rishi was still meditating. Suddenly he opened his eyes, which were red, like fire. Slowly the redness of his eyes faded and gradually it again closed. Again crossing all boundaries of the place and time, his minuscule conscious was traveling freely... .

In a forest, there was a grass hut, in front of which three residents were sitting, discussing among themselves. In front of them they made small bundles of sticks. They were forming new bundles picking up some sticks from the other bundles or adding them to the existing bundles. During this, they were discussing, probably about some problem to be solved. Suddenly the rishi appeared from their back, they turned around sensing his presence.

Rishi glanced over them for a long moment and said mysteriously, “ I know where you are stuck up”

Astonishment crept over all three faces.

How did he know where we have stuck up?

Before they could speak anything rishi passed by and walked further. They were looking at him going.

Rishi again stopped abruptly, turned around, “ Don’t worry, I will take you out soon from your dilemma”

Rishi again continued to walk further. Those three looked in astonishment at his passing figure, till it disappeared.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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