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Ch 8- One More (Novel-Zero)

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This Novel in English

John’s car was rushing on a fairly populated road. Taking few rights and left turns, at last his vehicle stopped at the base of an apartment nestled in a quite lavish colony. Before his arrival, a police team had promptly reached there. This time, media also had shown their prompt presence. Police, spectators, media people, there was a total mess on the road in front of the apartment. John parked his vehicle, came out, and headed towards the entrance. His first encounter was with media people. They encircled him. Though he came in private vehicle and also was not in uniform, yet they recognized him.

“Mr. John we would like to hear your comment on the case please.’’ Somebody intercepted him with camera and a microphone in his hand.

“ Side please... Let me go in... First I need to complete the investigation... then only I will be able to comment on it” John was struggling to find a way.
His department companions helped to lead him to the apartment.
As John reached the 10th floor, he saw crowd in front of a flat.
He entered the flat, received by Sam, “Sir, this way”

Sam took him to the bedroom. On a bed a corps was lying, blood scattered everywhere. And again on the wall there was big circle drawn, with blood, this time something written in it; It was some mathematics - 0+6=6 and 0x6=6. John went ahead to take a closer look.

“Who is she?” John asked still looking at the wall.

“ Huyana Philikins .. a TV artist”

“ Staying alone or what?”

“ Yes sir... at least neighbors say so,... according to them there were often visitors to her, but every time a different one.” Sam provided him the extracted information in concise form.

“ At least from this equations, it is clear that it’s a zero... but what he intends to say ... or wants to mislead us?” John was trying to solve the puzzle.

“It seems to be additive identity and zero multiplication property... “

“Good, you still remember mathematics... but what he wants to say ... are you getting something?” John said.

Both of them were trying to get the clue. But it seemed that both of them were clueless.

“Get other rooms inspected” John suggested.

“ Yes it is going on”
Photographer, finger print experts, and other team members were busy in their respective tasks.

“Anything about motive?”

“ No... But it’s clear from the modus operandi that the criminal is the same.”

“ You are right…. It’s a serial killer case.”


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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