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Ch 9A- First Mistake (Novel-Zero)

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Command1 and Command2 were relaxing, were content with the smooth execution of the job delegated to them by the boss. The whole last night was quite an animated one. Command1 was so tired that he was dozing but he could visualize last night’s every activity.....

... It was 3-3.15 in the morning, a cold and chilling morning. Command1 and Command2 looked around and cautiously entered the apartment, really calm and quiet, perfect for their job. Though they had already taken care of the security, they were taking every step vigilantly. As they reached the elevator, Command1 gently pressed elevator button, both entered without waiting to open the door completely. Both were wearing white socks, and kept their overcoat collar straight, hiding their face. One of them pressed the button indicating floor no. 10.

Elevator stopped and opened as it arrived at 10th floor. Command1 vigilantly peered around through the ajar elevator door. Finding everything calm and quiet, as they expected, they came out. Though now they were walking fast, it was not making sound; definitely their shoes’ sole would have been specially made of smooth rubber. They stopped at flat no. 103. Taking final look around, Command1 removed something from his overcoat pocket and inserted into a keyhole. Just few rotations and few jerks to the door handle, the door opened. A triumphant smile crept over their faces. Both entered the flat; inside it was dreadfully dark. They removed their white socks and kept back in their overcoat pocket. They had put on rubber hand gloves inside. They closed the door without making noise.

They were struggling in the hall as it was very dark. In the dark they took a guess for the bedroom and started in that direction. Suddenly Command1 tumbled into  a tea table kept there, almost falling down. He caught hold of something to avoid his fall, Command2 also held him. He was saved from a fall, but in an attempt he shuffled with a round glass paper weight kept on a table, which started rolling down. Command1 swiftly caught hold of it and kept it back to its prior location.

" Hey lit the lighter... it’s bloody too dark" he grunted keeping his tone low.

Command1 lit the lighter, removing from his right overcoat pocket. Now it was visible, though the light was dim. They saw an open door right in front of them.
It must be the bedroom. Command1 thought something and started, slowly and vigilantly, pacing to it. Command2 followed him. As he entered the bedroom, he saw a figure slept on the bed. Command1 signaled Command2 with his index finger to keep quite.
Command1 groped for the bulb switch; put it on as he found it. Whoever was lying on the bed must be in deep sleep, for he did not show any movement. There was no way to find who was it, since the face was covered with a cashmere blanket. Command1 removed his  revolver with silencer from his right overcoat pocket, aimed at the figure, and removed the blanket from its face. It was a beautiful lady, probably the one they wanted, because without a bit delay he fired at her continuously, even not counting the bullets. She stirred, but as a last struggle against the death. Her struggle ended, into a sure death. They even did not allow her to wake up. The body turned into a corpse, as a shattered flesh and flowing blood.

" Hey give me the knife" Command1 said, the softness in his tone was vanished turning into a hard commanding tone.

Command2 obeyed him, handing over the knife. Command1 started writing on the wall ahead, dipping the knife in corpse blood.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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