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Ch-27 : Investigation (Novel-Zero)

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This Novel in English

... In hurry John got out of the elevator. He seemed to be frustrated due to the odd time phone call.

But what else he could do? It was part of his duty.

They didn’t have any control over their whereabouts.
What would Anjeni have felt?

As John entered Utina’s flat, he could see Sam already present there with his team. He directly went to the bedroom, Sam followed him. Utina’s body was lying on the bed in the pool of blood, with her eyes and mouth wide open. And beside on the wall the big zero was drawn with blood, something written in the center, ‘ If  zero were not there?’

John was reading it again and again.

What the hell the killer wants to say? ... Is there something hidden in the message?
John thought.

“ Who informed us about the murder?” John asked Sam.

“ Sir, some unknown person... he did not reveal his identity... we tried to trace the call too... it was of some public booth from this area..” Sam provided him the information.

Sam was always prompt in his work.

“ It seems ... it must not be too long since the murder is executed”

“ Yes sir... when we arrived ... the blood was flowing... therefore we searched everything around...” Sam said.

“Did you find anything” John asked.

“ These two did not find anything...” Sam said indicating to his two associates, who had just returned, “ three more are on their job... still not returned” Sam said.

John warned them all, “ Look... this is third consecutive murder... we are still clueless ... if this continues, its going to be big problem for us... do whatever needs to be done... but this time we need to find him”

Before he could say anything further, two of his team members came back, huffing badly. Everybody looked at them with anticipation.

“ Sir... at the back side ...there is dead body..” one of them managed to say.

“ Seems to be fallen from top... I think he must be the killer...” other added.

“ Sam... you wait here and continue the investigation... I will go with them...” John darted out with his two team members.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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