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Ch-29 : Boss phones (Novel-Zero)

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This Novel in English

Command2 was sitting in front of his computer in the cellar at his new house, as he had changed his location. His face was still beaming.

After killing Command1, his further way to his aim had become easier....

A thought struck his mind. It looked as if he was checking mails on his computer, but  something different was going in his mind.
He came out of his thoughts as his mobile rang. He checked his mobile display, showed no number.

Whose phone is this?...

Can it be police?...

He attended the mobile, “ Hello ..” he said arrogantly.

There was no response from other side, just he heard some machine like buzz in the background.

“ Hello.. Who’s this?” Now Command2’s tried to be polite.

“ Boss... Boss speaking” , A firm voice came from other side.

“ Boss? ... Yes Boss.” Command2 said, trying to show him as normal as possible.

“ I came to know about Command1” Boss said.

“ Yes sir... It’s really bad and unfortunate” Command2 said, trying to sense the hidden message in the voice from other side.

“ Who killed him?” Boss asked.

“ Killed? I thought it was an accident?” Command2 said innocently.

“ Thought?... You were not with him?” Boss asked in surprise.

“ No... I didn’t... As he decided to go one day earlier, that too in the risky time, you predicted... therefore I didn’t go... He wanted to check the correctness of your predictions... it seems” Command2 told.

“ Had he checked then? To check it is required to be alive... idiot ... cheaply lost his life ... stupid, doesn’t know asimple thing ...that the poison is not to be tested...” boss said in anger.

“ Then who informed the police?... And how did they arrive so early?” Boss asked further.

“ I think he himself must have informed... Last time also he hurried unnecessarily to tell the police.” Command2 said.

For a while there was no conversation from other side, simply the buzz, same machine like buzz.

“ You have done the wise thing... by moving” Boss said.

“ Yes sir... I had an idea that after investigating all details they would definitely raid Command1’s residence”

“ Now take the lesson from this... and don’t do such stupidity again.. Still we need to do much more work together” Boss counseled him.

“ Yes sir” Command1 said politely.
Phone disconnected from other side.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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