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Ch-30A : Press conference (Novel-Zero)

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In the open ground, a table was kept on a podium. A bunch of microphones tagged with different media channels was kept on the table. The place was crowded with press correspondents, eagerly waiting for the City Branch Police head to arrive. Some were sitting on the chairs, which were kept in open ground, in front of the table. Others were discussing, in small groups, the same discussion, the discussion about the serial killer case recently going on.

“ Its since long ... people were sort of fed up of chewing the same news... Now, people got a new fodder out of this.” Someone said.

“ Did you imply that the serial murder case going on, is a good thing?” Other asked sarcastically.

“ No.. I mean... not like that” the first one tried to recover.

“ You know... its the same... but we can’t concur openly..” the second laughed, the first one joined him.

“ I mean ... Our nature of duty is such that we can’t do anything about it.. We have to make news on others sufferings ...” third joined their conversation.

“ You are right... and if we don’t have news how will we survive?”

“ You know ... when I was new in this profession ... I used to pray to God daily.. that... hey god ... let me get some news today...”

“ In short... hey God... today May it happen, an accident, a murder or something news worthy ...” first one took a consent clap from third one.

In other part of the open ground TV channel employees were ready with their cameras. They were also discussing among themselves-

“ Hey ... its pity that bad things happen everyday in this world” someone said.

“ At least its good that ... we are not required to see all this with our open eyes” other responded.

“ How come? ... We do see all this with our open eyes” the first one expressed surprise.

“ I mean... this camera acts as a flapper to our eyes” other one said jokingly.
Both burst out laughing.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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