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Ch-30B : Press conference (Novel-Zero)

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Now everybody was waiting for City Branch Police head to arrive. The discussion among the press people suddenly stopped as they saw some movement and disturbance on the other side of the table. As they saw City Branch Police head coming, they started rushing as close as possible to the table. John was behind his boss following him with his heavy steps. The press conference was called regarding the recent hottest issue - the serial killer case.

Press reporters started shooting their questions-

“ Who is the killer?”

“ Why couldn’t you catch him alive?”

“ Why did you people take this much of time?”

City Branch Police Head glanced ahead over the crowd.

“ One by One” his mesmerizing commanding voice came.

“ Yes you” he picked up one poor looking chap.

“ Sir, How can you say so surely that the one who fell down from the terrace was the killer?” the press person asked.

“ The bullets found till now from all the three victims body were from his revolver... this has been proved by our technical team... and his blazer pocket in which we found the knife, the inside cloth was spotted with all three victim’s blood ...” City Branch Police Head provided the information in detail.

“ Why couldn’t you catch him alive?... If you would have caught him alive ... probably we would have got some more information.... such as his motive and all” the other press person quickly took the opportunity to ask, almost pushing himself in between.

“ As soon as we got the information, we reached the site... When we reached there, the murder had already been executed, but the killer was still in the building... then we surrounded the building... we blocked all his possible ways of escape... as a result he was left with only one option ... to commit suicide.” he revealed.

John looked at his boss, with surprise. He was not surprised of the fact that he lied, but he was surprised to find him lying with such a confidence.

“ What?... killer committed suicide? But some people say that he had fallen down from the terrace...” one of them argued.

“ Its unreasonable to say that he fell, when the terrace has 3 feet parapet wall”

“ Who had informed the police about the killer?” One reporter asked.

“ Now it’s difficult to tell all these things... We have our spies all around.. one of them informed us... some prefer to disclose their names while others not... Whatever it may be, lastly the important thing is we were able to catch the killer, may it be dead. Therefore...we have prevented the murders which would have been executed in future by him.. And all this credit goes to our able police department, their efforts and their strong network."

City Branch Police Head was now trying to escape from there.
As he was about to turn to depart, one more reporter asked,

" Sir what would be the intention of the killer?"

" A serial killer comes in the category of psycho... isn't it? They are not required to have any particular purpose... I can talk about the purpose of you being here but It's really difficult to talk about the purpose of a psychopath.." City Branch Police Head said jokingly.

Other reporters around burst out laughing. The poor chap who asked the question blushed with embarrassment.
Now City Branch Police Head was giving casual answers.

" Sir, Somebody has stolen the Computer hard disk from the killer's house... is it correct?" Someone asked, trying to catch attention of the Police Head.

Ignoring him, Police head said, " I think I have given the answers toall possible questions.. And provided you the sufficient information about the case... thank you... thanks all of you"

Police head turned and departed, he never looked back until he reached his car. John followed him like a robot, not having any particular role in the whole press conference.

Continued …

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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